Friday, October 21, 2011

Carve It!

Sunday evening pumpkin carving :)

My wonderful, and most beautiful nieces Mariana and Catrina came over for the fun too.

Brad and Dane working on scraping out the goo. Brad was in no sort of spooky mood and couldn't concentrate so he quit shortly after starting. Marinana finshed his pumpkin for him. What a party pooper!

Catrina concentrating on carving. She chose a template with 2 ghosts.

Mariana was in charge of Olive's pumpkin, I gave her the design plan and she executed it perfectly. Thanks Mari!

Oh my! Can't stop laughing about this. She cracks me up.

Look at the smile! I think she likes her pumpkin :)

Since it wasn't quite dark out we close the doors and shut the lights off so we could see what they look like all lit up. Oooooo, So spooky :)

From left to right: Brad's pumpkin that Mari did, Olive's pumpkin, Mine, Catrina's and Dane's (Brad helped him)

Love this. Halloween 2011

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