Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fourwheeler Fun

Ridin' donuts on his fourwheeler, his newest "trick"

Baby Talk: My sisters are throwing me a girl baby shower. I was apprehensive about it at first. It's non-traditional to have a shower for the 2nd baby but they really want to celebrate and shower us with girl things and I think it's sweet. I'm making them keep it small though, just family mostly My little sister made these really cute pom-poms for a baby shower decoration and to give us to decorate the nursery. Really cute huh?

I came across this website called Sarah & Abraham and totally fell in love with the stationary! I decided to order my baby shower thank-you cards from them. They should be there any day and I'm so excited to see them in person!

The Dr. gave me a prescription for Zantac but also said I could just buy the 150mg dose over the counter. So that's what I'm trying and it seems to work. I'm trying to just take 1 per day. I can take up to 2 but I hate taking drugs while pregnant, I don't care how "safe" they are. Anyways, it does seem to last about 6-7 hours.

Really uncomfortable today. Not sure why. My lower back hurts which make sitting painful. Plus, for some reason my belly has been really tight and contracted on and off for most of the day. It's like Braxton Hicks but very frequently. Hmmm, Weird. Can't wait for Dane to head to bed so I can just vegetate alittle :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Giggles

A new app on Brad's iPod has resulted in all day hysterics. I can't even believe the amount of laughing coming from the other rooms today as Brad and Dane took crazy photo after crazy photo!

Then they turned the camera towards the kitty.

Poor Cat.

This one is my FAVORITE!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Preparing

Added in the rocker/glider.
Had to steal it from Dane's room, it had been there since he was born (sob, sob). I figured he wouldn't be so happy about it and I was right! He was down right pissed! I have plans to replace that chair with a chair of his very own. I just haven't found the right one.....or actually I have. It was this one from Target and we'd found it in the Polaris store on Clearance for $105! We didn't buy it, Brad didn't feel like spending any money that day and I'm bitter about it :( A few days later he changed his mind, and now we can't find it on clearance in any other store. I don't feel it's worth the $149 price tag, but $105 was a good deal. Grrrr.

Dane has adjusted to having the chair gone now and understands why I'm going to need it there instead. While I was explaining why I was going to need it he replies......"So I can sit here and rock my baby sister when she cries in the middle of the night, right?"

Awww. How cute is that?

* almost 32 weeks. Yippee!! Only 8 weeks to go. Heartburn crazy here. It doesn't go away and Tums won't touch it anymore. I'm going to have to ask the Dr. about a prescription at my next visit. Never really had that issue with Dane as much. Something else new, I can't hardly bend as well. No way will I be able to comfortably paint my toe nails now, I was able to do that just fine days prior to having Dane. I think this baby girl must sit so much lower or something. I'm either going to have to have a pedicure or ask my momma to do it for me.

I can't go into the hospital without some cute toes!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Blue Skies.....

... shining on me, nothing but blue skies do I see!

Thank god for a change in weather, blue skies, sun and a rise in temperture.

So what's a stir crazy family to do? Ride our fourwheelers of course!

* Feeling totally abandoned by my immune system these days. I used to be so healthy, hardly ever getting sick and now I can't seem to enter the public without returning home with a virus :(

So, of course for the 1st time in probably at least 10+ years I have the stomach flu! Dane had it on Wed and Thursday and it attacked me late last night. Starting at 10pm with a dash to the bathroom I then returned to the bathroom 4 more times in the next hour and a half. I lost count after I believe around 8-9 times, with the last 4 requiring that I sit on the toliet and hold a bucket at the same time. Oh, It's pure death. I feel like I got hit by a truck and for the 2nd time this pregnancy I was too sick to go to work today. This baby better have the best darn immune system EVER!

I was able to keep the following items down today:

- 8oz of life water
- Ensure drink
-1 piece of toast
-8oz of gatorade

Getting ready to try a plain baked potato, wish me luck!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

30 weeks

Per request from a friend not able to see the growth happening here I had Brad take some baby belly shots. I had been feeling alittle guilty about not having any taken yet. Brad took some every few months or so the whole time I was pregnant with Dane and this poor baby had none :(

So here it is at 30 weeks and Dane in his Big Brother shirt.

* Currently not sick (knock on wood) and feeling pretty good. Tired today though. Brad and I had a date day/night yesterday as Dane had a sleep over at Momo and Papa Peterson's house. We went shopping and then out to dinner. Today I just don't feel like moving. Unfortunatly that wasn't possible. We had plans. Dane attended his 1st Build and Grow craft session at Lowe's and then we headed to a birthday party for my big sis.

Dr. appt on Monday for the cat (we think she has tape worms, Ewww) and for myself as well. Hopefully the result of my glucose test was good, fingers crossed.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

He's Cute, I Think I'll Keep Him

Taking full advantage of Dane asking me to take his picture (that's rare). Getting him to not make a super crazy face is nearly impossible but I managed to snap a few.

I'm so happy it's almost Spring and I can count on some good natural light coming in, I'm sick of the "flash" look. I should have purchased a flash diffuser when I looked at it last year. Oh, Well. He's cute anyway :)

Dane took this picture of his trash truck.
I was pretty impressed, it's in focus and everything.

*I had to start using the Neti-Pot again. Not sure if if I'm trying to get sick again which wouldn't surprise me after the germy plane ride, the L, the bus and the thousands of people I came in contact with in Chicago or maybe it's just sinus junk. Regardless, I can't breath well at night, and I'm snoring. Poor Brad slept on the couch last night :( Poor me has been sick about every 2 weeks for the last couple months! ENOUGH ALREADY!