Sunday, January 30, 2011

All Skate

Decided that it would be fun to take Dane roller skating for the 1st time on Saturday, so we invited his cousins Claire & Elise to come along. It was their 1st time too! We went to Indian Lake Rollarena. Seriously hadn't been there in probably 15+ years. It was exactly the same, down to the flaking carpet walls and nasty roller skates. Ewww. Oh well. We had so much fun!

Best Buds. Look at those beautiful brown eyed babies. This picture made me realize that they look like they could be siblings instead of cousins. How cute!

Claire, Stacey and Elise

Claire, Elise and Dane taking a break.

Definitely gonna do this again. We had so much fun! The kids took to it really well for it being the first time. By the end, Claire and Dane were skating all by themselves! I was alittle nervous for myself, I hadn't been on skates in A LONG TIME but it must be like riding a bike cause not one of us fell :)

* It's been awhile since I posted anything. We were alittle sickly around here. Everyone is good now, thank goodness! I've been busy working, taking care the family/house and doing alittle early nesting too.

24 weeks. Found a great pair of maternity jeans today at Kohls that I'm really excited about. So comfortable and good looking too. They might need hemmed alittle though, but that's always an issue when your a shorty. Good thing my momma can sew :)

No names yet but we have a small list on ones that are possible. Might keep it a secret when we decide, we'll see.

Monday, January 17, 2011

"There's My Little Buddy!"

Dane does an impersonation of his Grandpa Longshore saying "There's my little buddy"

An Indians ball hat and Mr. Potato Head mustache top it off!

*Went to the Dr. today. I tried to tough it out but just couldn't. I was up most the night praying god for mercy, hoping to just sleep for a few hours. I have been sick plenty of times, but never have I had my teeth hurt so bad! Over and over I envisioned myself taking a pair of pliers and ripping them out! Turns out I have an upper respiratory infection and a sinus infection. So Amoxicillin it is. Thank god that it's safe to take during pregnancy. I also left the pharmacy armed with a Neti Pot, Breath Right Strips, Cough Drops and a box of the ever so sacrid Sudafed (also safe for preggos)

That Neti Pot is awesome. Feels so good! Only suppose to do it 2x/ day. I can't wait till tonight so I can try it again!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Cookies and Milk anyone? Mmmmm. Yum, Yum, Yum

My house needs to be quarantined. I think we're gonna hit it up with a bunch of Clorox wipes tomorrow. Brad started it with a fever, body aches/chills and a minor cough. Just has he got better he passed it on to Dane and I. It's awful. Dane and I had fevers yesterday. The worse is the cough! My whole body hurts. My chest and back hurt, it hurts to breath and my throat is so sore! I just want to drug myself with Nyquil or use a real cough drop or take anything but Tylenol to help me. I think we're coming out of it though, Dane is already better. He's hardly coughing at all. I might take alittle longer to recover, my immune system is busy and focused on building a baby and totally abandoned me.

~An unexpected unpleasant effect to being pregant and sick at the same time...... coughing so hard in the morning that it causes you to puke and pee alittle at the same time. True story :(

Prayers welcome.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

A little snow play.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Our 1st Monster Jam show.
I think Brad was just as excited as Dane, as a kid he had always wanted to go.

Grave Digger.
He was by far the best.

The little boy sitting next to us gave Dane his extra flag to wave around for Grave Digger. How sweet is that?!

The excitement!

Dane's favorite truck was Samson. He liked the arms/fists on the front.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just Goofin' Off

Dane was in a rare mood and wanted his picture taken. Almost didn't post this one, we'd just gotten done with dinner and he has food all over his face. This is his fake cheesy smile that he unfortunately wants to make in almost all photos now.

Peace Out!

Showing off his muscles :)

We taking Dane to the Monster Truck show tonight. He is SO excited and been talking about it all week. I can't wait to go just to see his reaction and catch it on camera.

Preggo Update: 21 weeks. Feeling much better. Only threw up 2x this week and that was in 1 day so that's not too bad. Brad's been laughing at me all week, I'm really starting to show now. My scrubs are uncomfortably restricting, I've had to move up to a bigger size already. I swear I didn't have to do that till month 7 last time! Oh, and the heartburn that's already started! I bent over at work yesterday and ended up with the burning taste of acid in my mouth! Ugg.

On a search for the perfect pair of maternity pants. Any suggestions? ........I didn't even have to wear maternity pants last time!!!!! but now I have only one pair of jeans that I can button. I used the rubber band around the button method last time and that worked great but it seems that my ass and hips are also swelling this time (making a frowny face right now)

Monday, January 3, 2011

IT'S A .........

An ultrasound picture of the face and spine.
MRH got a new ultrasound machine. (It still takes a crappy 2D image)
Two legs and 3 little white lines that indicate female not male genitalia.
This little girl was super wiggly today and not very cooperative. If her legs went together, or crossed she was swinging them all around. It probably took about 20 minutes just to get a decent look.

Even though we were pretty sure it was a girl and Dane had been saying so from the beginning, I must have still been keeping some hope for another boy in the back of my mind. I cried a little and felt guilty about it but I'm not going to apologize for my feelings. I'm excited for a little girl, I was just grieving that it wasn't another boy. I'm sure girls are just as cool. I just have all these totes of baby things I've saved from Dane and I really wanted to use them again. Girl clothes are way cuter though.

And now the great name debate begins. We never did find one that we liked when expecting Dane. It's a good thing he was a boy or he might have been nameless. Another reason to cry, We had a boy named picked out already and I LOVED IT. Gonna keep it a secret and hope I can talk Brad into a #3 baby just in case ;)

Dane's excited. He called it from the beginning. I've heard that kids just have a 6th sense about these things.

A few things I'm considering on changing for baby #2......cloth diapers? or glass bottles? Just a thought.

P.S. Our nurse at the Dr. today is preggers with baby #13. Yeah, that's right I said 13!!!!! Can you say CRAZY.