Monday, January 17, 2011

"There's My Little Buddy!"

Dane does an impersonation of his Grandpa Longshore saying "There's my little buddy"

An Indians ball hat and Mr. Potato Head mustache top it off!

*Went to the Dr. today. I tried to tough it out but just couldn't. I was up most the night praying god for mercy, hoping to just sleep for a few hours. I have been sick plenty of times, but never have I had my teeth hurt so bad! Over and over I envisioned myself taking a pair of pliers and ripping them out! Turns out I have an upper respiratory infection and a sinus infection. So Amoxicillin it is. Thank god that it's safe to take during pregnancy. I also left the pharmacy armed with a Neti Pot, Breath Right Strips, Cough Drops and a box of the ever so sacrid Sudafed (also safe for preggos)

That Neti Pot is awesome. Feels so good! Only suppose to do it 2x/ day. I can't wait till tonight so I can try it again!

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