Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just Goofin' Off

Dane was in a rare mood and wanted his picture taken. Almost didn't post this one, we'd just gotten done with dinner and he has food all over his face. This is his fake cheesy smile that he unfortunately wants to make in almost all photos now.

Peace Out!

Showing off his muscles :)

We taking Dane to the Monster Truck show tonight. He is SO excited and been talking about it all week. I can't wait to go just to see his reaction and catch it on camera.

Preggo Update: 21 weeks. Feeling much better. Only threw up 2x this week and that was in 1 day so that's not too bad. Brad's been laughing at me all week, I'm really starting to show now. My scrubs are uncomfortably restricting, I've had to move up to a bigger size already. I swear I didn't have to do that till month 7 last time! Oh, and the heartburn that's already started! I bent over at work yesterday and ended up with the burning taste of acid in my mouth! Ugg.

On a search for the perfect pair of maternity pants. Any suggestions? ........I didn't even have to wear maternity pants last time!!!!! but now I have only one pair of jeans that I can button. I used the rubber band around the button method last time and that worked great but it seems that my ass and hips are also swelling this time (making a frowny face right now)

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