Monday, January 3, 2011

IT'S A .........

An ultrasound picture of the face and spine.
MRH got a new ultrasound machine. (It still takes a crappy 2D image)
Two legs and 3 little white lines that indicate female not male genitalia.
This little girl was super wiggly today and not very cooperative. If her legs went together, or crossed she was swinging them all around. It probably took about 20 minutes just to get a decent look.

Even though we were pretty sure it was a girl and Dane had been saying so from the beginning, I must have still been keeping some hope for another boy in the back of my mind. I cried a little and felt guilty about it but I'm not going to apologize for my feelings. I'm excited for a little girl, I was just grieving that it wasn't another boy. I'm sure girls are just as cool. I just have all these totes of baby things I've saved from Dane and I really wanted to use them again. Girl clothes are way cuter though.

And now the great name debate begins. We never did find one that we liked when expecting Dane. It's a good thing he was a boy or he might have been nameless. Another reason to cry, We had a boy named picked out already and I LOVED IT. Gonna keep it a secret and hope I can talk Brad into a #3 baby just in case ;)

Dane's excited. He called it from the beginning. I've heard that kids just have a 6th sense about these things.

A few things I'm considering on changing for baby #2......cloth diapers? or glass bottles? Just a thought.

P.S. Our nurse at the Dr. today is preggers with baby #13. Yeah, that's right I said 13!!!!! Can you say CRAZY.


  1. Congratulations!!! Girls are super fun, you'll have a blast. We actually cloth diapered Illa from 14 months until 2 1/2 yrs when she potty trained. We'll be cloth diapering this baby from day 1, so let me know if you want any good links to information sites, product reviews, etc. We've tried just about every brand available. Congrats again!!~ Amanda

  2. Thanks ladies! I'm getting used to the idea.