Thursday, December 30, 2010

Funny Things My Son Has Said

This is one of our favorite photos taken from our shoot with Everyday Studios

Look at his happy laughing face! Which is why I chose it for today's blog post cause he's just really been cracking us up lately.

Here's a few of the Funny Things My Son Has Said Lately:

  • While I was puking in the toliet one morning last week Dane runs in yelling "MOMMY, DON'T COUGH UP THE BABY, DON'T COUGH UP THE BABY!" He was so serious too and it's really hard to be sick and laugh at the same time.

  • Pulling out of a Tim Horton's parking lot after a really yummy breakfast Brad and I over hear Dane in the backseat saying to himself....."I just really feel like I need to say a bad word right now" Now mind you, the only bad words Dane knows are God (using it in vain) and Butthead.

  • While having a discussion in the kitchen about whether the new baby will be a boy or girl. Brad says "If' it's a boy like me and you, there will be 3 boys and mommy along with Zoey and Kitty will be the only girls in the house." Dane replies by bending over with his hands on his knees and says laughing "Your really freaking me out here!"

    and 1 last one to today's post

  • Dane woke up from a nap when I was almost finished watching a documentry called 'The Business of Being Born' The last 10 minutes are devoted to breast feeding mostly. Dane says "Mom, Why is that baby sucking on her boob?!" I quickly explained. Then he replies......." Can I suck on your boob?!" I can see I'm going to have a VERY interested 3rd party while breastfeeding this 2nd baby.

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