Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall's Arrival

Fall is here now and the weather has been really beautiful. Warm days, cool nights. It was another busy week here complete with 2 soccer games since we'd gotten rained out last Saturday morning.
This was from Thursday nights game.
Saturday morning. Dane was a real go- getter during this game.
He even scored a goal!

 After the game we headed to Wenger's Produce for our annual Pumpkin picking and this time my sister and her family joined us.
 Obi's first pumpkin picking trip.   He was pretty lazy and just hung around ;)
 Making friends. Dane & T.
We got a whole mess of pumpkins. Each choosing one that we like the best.  I'll try to get a pick of the kids with them soon and again when it's carving time.  
Also, Planning family pics for next weekend. Trying to assemble every one's wardrobe to coordinate and show some personality isn't as easy as it seems.  Fingers crossed for lovely weather and happy healthy children at the time of the shoot.
Map My Run/ Merrell Challenge Update:
I added 12.8 miles this week making the total ran so far this month 45.72
I've burnt 5,731 calories and ran 9 hours 15 minutes 
I have 12 runs left and 19 days left to do it in.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Map My Run/ Merrell Challenge

I started running 6 months ago really only to aid in my weight loss journey. It worked. But then something else happened. I liked it! I've never enjoyed running before. Sure, I played soccer but running was just something I did on the field and I ran track but short distance and I didn't really love it. I suppose as younger adult it just seemed cumbersome. Why would I run? On the soccer field it was to win, to attack an opponent and stop them from scoring.
As an adult it's become therapeutic. It feels good to run. Stretch my legs and clear my mind.  Several month into my running journey I started to use the MAP MY RUN app for my phone and earlier this month this ad popped up. The Merrell Feel Your Run Challenge. Sure, Why not.
Here's why not. I'd only actually been running 3x a week max. This will require me to run 5 days per week. I work full time and have 2 small children. My time is limited. I informed my husband and he agreed to help.
The challenge is 1/2 over. I've enjoyed this challenge but part of me is relieved it's almost over. There is another part that is wondering what's next.
I started this challenge on Sept 4th and I just completed Run 15.
 I have 15 runs left and 25 days left to complete the challenge.
Some fun stats for the month.
 Miles completed- 37.38
Hours Ran- 7.55
Calories Burnt- 5,114 (why am I not skinnier?)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Go Crew!

Dane's soccer team got together and headed to a Columbus Crew game last night. Columbus Crew vs. Chicago Fire. Crew won 3-0.  We had a great time!

Dane & his buddy Brock. 
 If I'm wondering where Dane is at any given point during practice or a game he is with Brock and they are wrestling. LOL

 Joe, Brock, Dane and Joslyn.

I had kind of forgotten how much I love soccer and this made me want to play again. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Several months ago Dane attempted to ride his dirt bike. He laid it down. He wasn't hurt at all but it scared him and ever since he hadn't really wanted to ride it. Well, Actually he WANTED to but wasn't brave enough to get back on.
Brad had decided to clean out the barn last week and told Dane that if he wasn't going to ride it we were going to give it away. After many tears and lots of pep talks he got back on the "horse".  I was proud of him for over coming his fears and trying again. He practiced and practiced that night and

Also new this week. I got Olive's book racks painted in Behr "Ballerina Tutu' pink and Brad got them hung up in her reading nook. They turned out adorable.  Now to find her some cute little seats.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dane & Olive

2 yrs. 4 months.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Game 2

Game 2 was an unseasonably cold morning. 45 degrees. Brrrrr.

 See that kid in the front of the pack (in the navy). He was some sort of soccer superstar. He scored every point on the opposing team and we didn't score until he was pulled out. We lost. Final score I think was something like 6-4. 
 Sammy entertaining Olive.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friendly Visitors

I feel so blessed to have gotten to see my best friend several times already this year. She popped in for another little visit earlier this week and now its extra special cause we also get to cuddle with Adair. We just love her. My kids call her their cousin and I'm ok with that. Actually I'll encourage it. Ellen and I have known eachother our whole lives. We might as well be sisters.

Now, Do yourself a solid and find yourself a friend that's crafty! Ellen has made my kids something for when they were born. I mentioned in a quick FB post a year or so ago how cute I thought a certain pillow was AND she quickly replied with a "don't buy that, I'll make it for her." Ahhhh. She's so great! 

And here it is. Olive you Ellen!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Room For Olive

I've had a long weekend and was able to really get to crackin' on Olive's bedroom.  It's turning out quite darling and she just loves it which makes it all worth it. On Friday I painted the whole room pale grey.  So, after strolling through Hobby Lobby and seeing this Teal oval mirror (lower left) I decided that I wanted that color for her accent wall and stripe so I color matched it. Behr 'Tropical Sea' is it's name. Then I painted the frame holding our family picture a yellow Behr 'English Daisy' that matches the yellow in her new bedding and painted the matting the dark grey from the dresser. I love the way it turned out.
I did find cute little vintage looking knobs at Target this weekend. The rest of the drawers were pulls, so my dilemma is should I find plain silver pulls to replace them with or go with the same knobs all-over.  I'm alittle worried that it would look too knobby...ya know? I could use some feedback on this.
My Hobby Lobby finds.  Not sure where exactly I'm going to put these but I liked the colors.
I got her curtains hung and thinking of replacing her blinds.  The blinds are creamy ivory and look terrible with the white curtains. They also don't block much light so I'm thinking of getting light blocking roman shades instead but we'll see.

I've got special plans for the corner above. I want to turn it into a book reading nook like this......
So my super awesome friend is stopping by IKEA to pick me up some of these wooden spice racks and then I'm going to paint them Pink! (the shade of the pink frame).  Eventually when baby girl gets her big girl bed put up I'm going to paint her a nightstand in this shade of pink too :)
Eeeek. I love it and so does she!!!
Below she's saying "My room!"

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Dane had his first soccer game last night.
We played at home since it was Zanesfield 4 vs. Zanesfield 5.
 It went much better than expected. We won 5-0.  Go team Zanesfield 4!
Dane didn't score but tried really hard.




 Sweet Sammy is the older sister to one of Dane's team mates. Olive has really taken a shine to her and every practice Sammy brings a bag of goodies to entertain her with. Such a help as I'm actually able to watch Dane instead of chasing her everywhere.   So nice to meet new friends. Dane and Joe (Sammy's brother) are both in Kindergarten this year.

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Bit Of A Mish Mash

It occurred to me I never posted a pic of the finished vanity/faucets/mirrors in the Master Bath.  We're still on the hunt for vanity lights for above the mirrors. I'm thinking a 2-light style in brushed nickel with clean lines. I'm just really too picky.

A lot of things remained unfinished in the addition space but we're slowly but surely crossing items off that list. We still need trim throughout, and roman style shades for the closet and bathroom windows and several doors finshed.  Technically we still need carpet too but I actually super love the painted chevron floor so I'm not worried about that at all.

This weekend we tackled the Master Closet. For 4 months we've been using a door (unfinished linen closet door) laid across saw horses to pile all our clothes on and it was driving me CRAZY! So we finally settled on a closet system and got it installed. Yea for having a place to put things!  This is just one wall. We've yet to figure out a plan for the other side, but I'm not worried about that just yet. This will work for now.

 My new favorite piece of furniture. The cabinet/hutch my grandma left for me. It's really old and has fantastic charm and character. Plus, I can't look at it without thinking of her.  Inside I've got several pieces I'd been given from her, g-ma Burrey, and g-ma Grimes. It's pretty special.

 I also got this cool old dresser from my granny. Isn't it neat. We needed a dresser in the Master Bedroom and wasn't sure this was what I was wanting but after I got it in place I decided it was perfect. Also, super old and has this cool look to it. It's hard to tell in pictures but the drawers are curved.  I dig it. Kinda vintage glam.

Also, This weekend I cleaned out our old bedroom (Olive's new room) and painted our old dresser. I'm so excited to give Olive a space of her own. I never got to make her a nursery since we shared rooms with her and she's never gotten a place to call her own.  I painted the dresser with left over paint from our Master. So it's a dark grey. I'm looking for fun bright whimsical knobs and pulls to add to the drawers.

Next weekend if I get time I'm hoping to paint her room! I also would love to get her some cute framed prints and this.....

Her late g-ma Burrey sang this to her everytime they were together and lately before bed Olive has been singing it.  She finishes it by singing....."Talking in my sleep about Grandma Burrey." It's pretty special.

Here's  the bedding I ordered Olive too.

I'm painting the walls a pale grey. Almost silver like. Then picking an accent color (either Teal or Pink) and adding sheets in that color, curtains and stripes on the wall. I'm excited.
 I think she'll love it!