Friday, August 23, 2013

First Day

It happened. Today was Dane's first day of school. He handled it like a champ. He's so brave, didn't seem nervous at all. He got up, ate breakfast, had his "coffee" (aka hot chocolate), got dressed, brushed his teeth, and sprayed his shirt with "man spray" (aka Axe body spray) and hopped on the bus like it was no big deal.
Luckily our neighbor friend came over to see him get on too and I was able to hold in the tears and put on my brave mommy face. It didn't stop that pit in my stomach though. It's that feeling you get when you leave your newborn baby for the first time. That your kid is on his own in this big world and other people are in control of his day.
He's so fun and social. I'm sure he'll love it and I can't wait to hear his stories.

 Gotta show off his new back pack.
 Ha! Sorry for my haggard appearance. Olive got up at 5:30 and was wide awake but I wasn't and didn't really want to be either.  Check out her classic fingers in the mouth accompanied by her stink-eye. What an attitude she has!
 Here's the bus, and off he goes!!!
Olive is here tearing through the house and keeping me pretty busy. Apparently I also deal with anxiety by cleaning. By 9:30 I had cleaned the Master bath, the upstairs sink and toilet, washed the dishes, done laundry, cleaned Dane's room and changed his sheets.
-------------UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE ---------------
He loved it. He loved everything about it. He made friends. He had recess 2x. They laid on mats to rest, but no one slept. He ate all the lunch I packed him. They got to visit the computer lab.  Some boys almost got their sticks moved(meaning they were being bad or not following the rules). He was good and didn't get his stick moved.  They have 4th grade bus buddies that come to their class at the end of the day and guide the Kindergarteners to the correct bus.
The best quote of the evening..... "You know my bus buddy, guess what?! She's a girl and she's really pretty. It's a good thing I decided to use my man spray today."
Hysterical. Seriously.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


This crazy busy week is almost over. Thank god. I have only one more hurdle to get through. Dane's first day of school. Tomorrow morning we'll walk him down the drive and he'll hop aboard and be gone till 3:25. I can't believe this time is here already.
Wed morning we had Kindergarten orientation. He got to meet his teacher (Mrs. Johns) and see the classroom.

They also had a bus set outside the school for newbie kids to check out. They practiced how to cross in front of the bus and learned some bus safety.

Of course I'll be taking pictures in the morning and as soon as I'm able to gather my wits and pull myself together I'll post them. Wish us luck ;)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Playground Fun

Just a little trip to the Zanesfield playground.


This week schedule besides working everyday includes a trip to the elementary school for an open house, 2 soccer practices, Kindergarten orientation, and his first day where he'll be getting on the bus and leaving me for the whole day. Busy and Emotional. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

I Digress

I never got a chance to post the photos from our last night at the OBX. These are some of my favorites.
 Writing his name in the sand with a sea shell.




 She was so happy!



 Lifeguard on Duty

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Crazy Busy

I've been so crazy busy these last 2 weeks. Everyday has a schedule. A to-do list. Am to Pm. Busy busy busy. Sorry its been so long since I've posted anything. Todays won't be to exciting but I promise I do have some good things to show you and talk about here when things slow down a smidge.

Today I ran my first race. My sister Trena and oldest niece Cat asked me to fill in for Mariana since she was playing a soccer scrimage and couldn't make it. It was the Boss Summer Run. A 1mile fun run, a 2.4 or a 10k. We did the 2.4 mile. Perfect for my first race ever (besides high school track where i was actually more of a sprinter). 

I had a goals:
1. Finish without walking
2. Not look like a fool
3. Finish in the 25-30min mark.

I did it too! A personal best. Finished at 25 minutes. I did better than expected actually. I kept a 10:50 pace and I'm usually closer to 12. Rock on. I had a blast.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Gathering

Today we laid my grandma to rest.  I found this to be extremely difficult. Perhaps I don't handle deaths well.  After arriving to the church this morning I found it rather hard to even walk across the lawn to the front door. I really didn't want to. I suppose because it makes it true. Final. Done. Yes I realize people can't live forever. Yes, I know, she was almost 94. It was her time, she's in a better place and blah blah blah.  It still hurts.
There was an open mic during the funeral today. I wanted to speak. I have a lot to say about her but public speaking is NOT my thing. Not that I could have held it together anyway. Kudos to you that can and did today. Your awesome.
If I could have I would have said this.
Growing up next to our grandmother made us very close but it didn't matter if you were near or far. She loved us so much. I never once doubted her love. Not once.
 I think it must be very special to reach an older age and to be able to look back at all you've done. All you've created. 55 years of marriage to my grandfather, 4 kids, 17 grandkids and 34 great grandchildren. That's amazing. Without her there would be no me. No you. To show you her spunky and sometimes inappropriate nature I will tell you what she once told me. In my early teen years I must have questioned her in having her last child (my mom) when she was 40. With a smile on her face she replied...."Well, Practically every time your grandpa hung his pants on the bed I got pregnant."
 Never one to miss a chance to get a family photo. Here's my parents with us kids.
 Us kids, spouses and grandchildren.
 My parents with all 9 grandbabies.
 Randi, Ryan and Obi

 He drives me crazy but I love him. Brad and I.