Friday, May 30, 2014

Little Of This, Little Of That

Olive had her 3year well baby check. I was dreading this like nobody's business. Last time I had to hold her down for immunizations. She hated the whole thing. Today was much better. She talked and laughed with the Dr and nurses AND she wasn't due for any shots! Thank god!

She wore her birthday crown :)

Then I dropped her off at Momo P's house and met Dane at school for lunch. It was a surprise and he was so excited to see me! He'd been asking me to meet him for lunch the whole year.

He sat next to 2 of his best buddies so i snapped a pic to share with their mom.

We are home for naptime now and resting up for Dane's ball game tonight.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Birthday Girl

We just had a great time! Olive loved her cake and cupcakes.

Look how happy she is!?

Ellen made her a crown.

I have lots of adorable pics on my camera and several that my friend took. If i get time i will post those too.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Oh My

So I did give myself an ulcer. Quite possibly the worst I've ever had. This week I had to take 2 days off work and make 2 doctors appointments. I'm now on a Prilosec regimen 2x a day as well as Carafate to help coat my stomach 4x a day. I feel like that's all I get done..... poppin' pills. 

I also haven't ran. Only 10.3 miles total this week and it's been 3 days in a row since I have. That hasn't happened in over a year! I'm hoping to get out in the morning. 

BIG deal here! Olive's 3rd birthday party is tomorrow! She's so excited!!

Dane had a ball game last night in West Mansfield and we were surprised by Aunt Tam!

 Stay tuned for O's party pics and our visit with special friends Ellen and Adair :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm Done......Almost.

This class really almost put me over the edge. It wasn't too hard but the days were long and stressful. The back to back Fridays and Saturdays. The 15 injections. I've given myself ulcer i think. My stomach has been upset since Friday. Now I've got to study up for the Prometric exam and schedule a time to go take it. Then i will be fully licensed to provide local anesthesia to my patients (assuming i pass). 

Olive and I had lots of errands to do today. Including picking out flowers for my mom for  Mother's Day. Yes, I realize that holiday was last weekend. I'm still playing catch up around here.

Still running. Hoping really to get to 10 miles here soon and was hoping that yesterday would be that day but my stomach (see ulcer mentioned above) just wasn't having I
it. So after the last 2 weeks i've had i'm going to consider 7.3 miles a win :)

Sadly, this week isn't going to be much calmer. 1 baseball practice plus team pictures. 2 baseball games (Wed and Friday) and Olive's 3rd birthday party on Sunday. However, the weather is suppose to be gorgeous all week and my best friend will be here so we can celebrate our daughters birthdays together :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spring Program

Just a short and sweet post. Dane's Kindergarten Spring Program last night was adorable! Just a few pictures before we left.

My handsome boy.

He always drapes his arm around her in pictures.

I have a few videos but I can't get it to lopossibly my phone and my camera still isn't able to load onto the blog. Whomp whomp :(

I thought we weren't busy enough this week so we thought it'd also be fun to squeeze Olive intby eso the Dr for a possible UTI and now Dane is crying about an ear ache. I'm hoping that is magically better by morning because I'm not even sure when i could possibly fit that in.

Oh and i was trying to multi task to help with the housework this morning. I put a load of laundry in before work and left a not for Brad to transfer the dryer. Only he woke up to a laundry room full of smoke and a washer still full of water.....just what we needed. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day 2

The first half of class was lecture but after lunch we broke into groups of 3 and headed into the clinic to give 3 injections into the palate.

One into the 'Incisive Foramen' (suppose to be the most painful one) and one into each 'Greater Palatine' sites. 

First practicing in a dummy mouth .  It would beep if you injected into the correct spot.

We were all so nervous. I volunteered to get the shots first. I just wanted to get It over with and since we were using anesthetic without epi the numbness would only last around 45 minutes instead of several hours and I wanted to be back to normal before I got home.

Our third member was a friend of mine from hygiene school. I was so glad to see her and have her in our group of 3. 

My turn! After taking the injection and watching i felt pretty comfortable. The dentist teaching gave us some pretty good tips on making it painless and i have to say it REALLY was! 

This coming week is going to be a BUSY one.

Mon: Work 7-4. Dane's Spring Program 7pm
Tues: Work 7-4. Dane's baseball practice at 6:30
Wed: Work 1-7. Dane's School field trip to the zoo. 
Dane's baseball game 7:15
Thurs: Work 7-4
Fri: LA class 8-5
Sat: LA class 8-3

Whew. Exhausting.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Self Inflicted Torture

But not before I stop to load myself up with caffeine. I chose a Dirty Chai. Why have I not these before!? It's basically a regular chai with Expresso added. Mmmm. It was fantastic! 

This CE was our (Marna and I) idea. All hygiene students graduate now being able to deliever local so its important for us to stay current. Dr. Himler agreed and paid for it so it's really to late to back out now. Believe me, I've thought about it. 

So today was 8 hours of lecture. Somewhere around hour 6 i thought my head was going to explode. It's really an overdose of information that i havent thought much of in the last 9 years. Head and Neck Anatomy,  Pharmacology,  etc

Tomorrow we have a few more hours of lecture and then we head into the clinic to start practicing giving injections into the palate (roof of mouth). Also, happens to be the most painful site. Great. We did however practice loading the syringe and injecting into a bar of soap today so tomorrow will probably be a breeze ;) 

Monday, May 5, 2014

May = Crazy

This is my last day of vacation. Back to work tomorrow and so begins the crazy busy chaotic month of May. It's just plain Mazy ;)

After grocery shopping I took my girl out to lunch. How'd I get so lucky? Of course I wasn't thinking that exact thought 20 minutes earlier when she threw a container of blueberries on the floor at the grocery and they scattered everywhere. Much thanks to a store employee who helped me pick them up and even went to get me more. Or how about when she swiftly opened up some candy in the checkout lane as I was trying to unload the cart. Cursed people who line those tiny narrow lanes with lots of colorful candy. 


Anyway. So a quick run down of these coming weeks. 
-- 24 hours of continuing Ed classes 
-Baseball practices
-Baseball games
-Birthdays and more birthdays. (Obi, Olive, Randi, Me, Mom)

So the CE portion of this is really what's got me nervous.
For the next 2 Fridays and Saturday's Marna and I are going back to school to get licensed to give our patients local anesthesia. All fine and good and a really good thing to have BUT we have to practice on each other. 10 shots on each Saturday. Oh. My. Gosh. Just shoot me.

AND because I'll be in class I'm going to miss my nephew's 1st birthday party. Good thing he's too little to care.

On a good note. Olive is turning 3 at the end of the month! Bad news is Olive is turning 3. 3's are WAY harder than 2's. I think she's already started some of the TERRIBLE but at least I
I'm not Pregnant like i was when dealing with Dane's terrible 3's. I should be able to handle it with more patience. 

I'm throwing her a super RAINBOW party. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Play Ball!

Dane's first game was last night. It turned out to be quite a long COLD evening spent at the 
ballpark. We came about an hour early to watch the T-ball game that my nephew was playing. It was adorable. Some of those kids are super tiny.

Dane's team was suppose to start at 7:15 but it was well after 7:30 before it got started because there was another T-ball game ahead of the them that ran over. 

They played so well! I was actually pleasantly surprised. From what I'd seen at practice I wasn't expecting much. Dane did great! He hit everytime he was up to bat and scored several times! The game seemed never-ending. It got dark and as so we had to move to the field that had lights. So, the game ends at 9:45pm!! Omg. But wait there's more..... after they tallied the score. was a TIE. Oh, Nooooooooo! Nobody wanted to play another inning. It was 9:45!! So, we game them a point and let them "win" so we could leave.

Did I mention it was FREEZING COLD!? Ugg.

Doesn't he look adorable!