Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spring Program

Just a short and sweet post. Dane's Kindergarten Spring Program last night was adorable! Just a few pictures before we left.

My handsome boy.

He always drapes his arm around her in pictures.

I have a few videos but I can't get it to lopossibly my phone and my camera still isn't able to load onto the blog. Whomp whomp :(

I thought we weren't busy enough this week so we thought it'd also be fun to squeeze Olive intby eso the Dr for a possible UTI and now Dane is crying about an ear ache. I'm hoping that is magically better by morning because I'm not even sure when i could possibly fit that in.

Oh and i was trying to multi task to help with the housework this morning. I put a load of laundry in before work and left a not for Brad to transfer the dryer. Only he woke up to a laundry room full of smoke and a washer still full of water.....just what we needed. 

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