Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm Done......Almost.

This class really almost put me over the edge. It wasn't too hard but the days were long and stressful. The back to back Fridays and Saturdays. The 15 injections. I've given myself ulcer i think. My stomach has been upset since Friday. Now I've got to study up for the Prometric exam and schedule a time to go take it. Then i will be fully licensed to provide local anesthesia to my patients (assuming i pass). 

Olive and I had lots of errands to do today. Including picking out flowers for my mom for  Mother's Day. Yes, I realize that holiday was last weekend. I'm still playing catch up around here.

Still running. Hoping really to get to 10 miles here soon and was hoping that yesterday would be that day but my stomach (see ulcer mentioned above) just wasn't having I
it. So after the last 2 weeks i've had i'm going to consider 7.3 miles a win :)

Sadly, this week isn't going to be much calmer. 1 baseball practice plus team pictures. 2 baseball games (Wed and Friday) and Olive's 3rd birthday party on Sunday. However, the weather is suppose to be gorgeous all week and my best friend will be here so we can celebrate our daughters birthdays together :)

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