Saturday, May 3, 2014

Play Ball!

Dane's first game was last night. It turned out to be quite a long COLD evening spent at the 
ballpark. We came about an hour early to watch the T-ball game that my nephew was playing. It was adorable. Some of those kids are super tiny.

Dane's team was suppose to start at 7:15 but it was well after 7:30 before it got started because there was another T-ball game ahead of the them that ran over. 

They played so well! I was actually pleasantly surprised. From what I'd seen at practice I wasn't expecting much. Dane did great! He hit everytime he was up to bat and scored several times! The game seemed never-ending. It got dark and as so we had to move to the field that had lights. So, the game ends at 9:45pm!! Omg. But wait there's more..... after they tallied the score. was a TIE. Oh, Nooooooooo! Nobody wanted to play another inning. It was 9:45!! So, we game them a point and let them "win" so we could leave.

Did I mention it was FREEZING COLD!? Ugg.

Doesn't he look adorable! 

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