Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect

My friend and fellow baseball mom took these pictures of Dane during one of the first practices. If you've ever been to a practice of younger boys you'll know there is alot of playing around in the dirt. My parents will enjoy this because I remember my little brother getting in trouble for doing the same thing. He's getting better now and maybe because the coach will make you run if he catches you goofing off in the dirt.

Dane & Joe

Batter up! 

Dane's first game is Fri night. I hope it goes well. He's pretty nervous. He's mentioned only wanting to practice and not having any games because he's worried people will laugh at him. 

Just a few random Olive pics because she's adorable. 

Even asleep

and all dolled up.

Today my dad is going to watch Olive for a few hours so i can go get a massage.
I'm so excited for this. Mostly because of this knot in my right shoulder that I've had for a few weeks (gonna blame that on my job) and for my sore muscles (probably running related). Going to consider this an early Mothers Day present to myself.

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