Sunday, April 13, 2014

Whew, Busy Weekend

We started Saturday with a Easter Egg hunt in Zanesfield. Olive didn't remember doing this before and she was really excited! Esp when she found out what was inside the eggs.

Me: "Olive, the Easter Bunny left eggs in Zanesfield and we get to go hunt them! Do you know what's inside an Easter egg?!"

Olive: "Uh,...........chickens???" 

Bahahahaha. Omg. So funny! 

Later that day we got to babysit Obi while my sister and Ryan got to meet up with their newly adopted son for the first time.  He'll get to come home with tthem in June when school gets out for the summer.

Sunday morning i got up and out extra early. I was on the path by 7:30am. Sun was just sunning up, birds were chirping and it was about 65°. Perfection!

So behold, my new distance record. 8.5 miles! This run was not without a few (2 to be exact) surprises. GI distress. Let's just say I'm thankful for the numerous potta pottys Zanesfield has to offer. 

After my run I freshened up and we headed to Marysville so Brad could help Randi and Ryan get some bigger things moved out of the house. They officially move into their new house this Wed! 

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