Sunday, April 27, 2014


I'm officially off work for the next week and I'm very excited about this. I needed a break......big time.  So we started the weekend off right and did a little shopping. Both the kids were in need of some warmer weather clothes. I picked up some birthday party supplies for Miss Olive.  A baseball helmet for Dane (his first game is coming up on Friday). I needed new sunglasses because I have no idea what happened to my old pair and a 2 new pair of running capris. 

Target. Olive helps me choose new glasses.

She did good but we skipped over nap time so she passed out on our way to get some ice cream. I couldn't resist a picture of the drool that ran down her sweet little chin.

Sunday morning I tried our my new running outfit. Felt great. Comfortable. The night before i was questioned by my running partner on what kind of distance i was going to try for.. i said 9ish and then that's all I could think of the whole run. I said 9 so I better get 9 and that's why it's helpful to have someone to be accountable to. My pace was pretty good too. Esp for that new distance. 

For no real reason i was feeling "blue" this past week. Maybe i was just tired. This run was just what i needed for a pick me up. 

Coming up this week....

I get my hair done. Cutting off a bit and boosting up the color. 

Dane has a school roller skating party (haven't totally commited to this yet)

Dane has a baseball scrimmage.

Dane's 1st baseball game.

Good thing I'm not working this week. Busy busy.

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