Monday, May 30, 2011

Miss Olive's Debute!

She's here! Those previously mentioned "different" feeling contractions were the real deal. I'd just mentioned to Brad the day before she was born that I believed she may have taken her time on deciding when to arrive but that when she finally made that choice she was going to be serious and mean business! and I was right!

A grocery trip to Meijer in Springfield really set things in motion. Then a dinner at Steak and Shake (Dane's favorite place) where I proceded to have many contractions which I needed to breath through. P.S. When you mind tells you NOT to eat something.....listen to it. My eyes wanted that frisco melt with green pepper and onions and I knew it was going to be a bad idea but I ate it anyway. I later really regreted that decision while retasting those peppers while puking at least 5 times.

But Anyway. 5 hours later @ 2:58am

Olive Lynn Grimes

7lbs 15oz

21inches long

With a head full of thick dark hair!

Her big brother LOVES her!

Everyone is doing well! I feel great.

Tired but great!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ohhhhh Baby!

If you do not want to see my giant bare pregnant belly DO NOT scroll down!!

Seriously, Prepare yourself.

It's not terrible mind you, at least I don't have stretch marks (yet)

But if she doesn't come soon I might.

Hopefully my body can recover from this!






Oh, Dane. You cutie pie :)

Another from the side to fully appreciate the hugeness.
40 weeks & 4 days

These were mostly for my bestest in New York.

What do ya think of that!?

Still want kids? LOL

* Woke up at 6 today with a different kind of contraction. Lower, sharper and involving my lower back more. I had back labor with Dane so this development intrigues me.

I'm thinking soon.

A friend shared this great article with me from It really spoke to me. Parts of it I feel like I could have wrote about myself. I took some of the advice from the article last night and sat in the dark rocking myself in the glider and really trying to focus inward and relax. Things I was better able to do when pregnant with Dane and having nothing really else to focus on. It's harder to find time in the day to do these things when I'm busy taking care of Dane now.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finally, It's planted

After months of almost constant rain we finally got the garden planted. These pictures don't show it, but the fence is up now and we just planted the tomatoes today.

This years crop includes... Sweet Corn, Assorted Bell Peppers, Jalapeno peppers, Peas, Zucchini, Green Beans, Tomatoes, Peanuts, and Strawberries. Along with the wild blackberry bushes we have.

The tire houses the peanuts. I have an patient who is an avid gardener, his home garden puts mine and everyone I knows to shame!! He mentioned growing peanuts last year and when I showed some interest he brought me in some! How nice! They get harvested around October and he said it's a great plant for a kid to help with cause searching for the peanuts underground is like a treasure hunt! I'm excited to check that out!

This year we added some Russian Bore manure to the garden. We did that back in March and it took almost 3 months for the smell to disappear but we're hoping it will really help to build up the nutrients in our soil and therefore give us better results.

* Still pregnant. 40 weeks & 3 days. If I don't have her by next Tuesday (41weeks) I have to go in for another cervical check and an ultrasound, then they will discuss induction. I think I'll have Brad take a naked belly shot maybe tonight or tomorrow. It feels and I'm sure looks insanely large right now! Here's me hoping she's not a giant chubby monster of a baby.

Monday, May 23, 2011

She's Due

Not that she's concerned about that. Just trying to remind her.......

"Your due now baby girl, you can come out now."

I had super weird dreams last night....

Dream #1- Brad informed me that I was too big and fat to have sex with anymore and he wasn't going to do it anymore. In the dream I was apparantly trying to convince him that it may help induce labor and was devistated to hear that he didn't think I was cute enough anymore. (Sorry to the family that reads this blog, that maybe is to much information.)

Dream #2- Finally, Our daughter is born! She was very cute and chubby cheeked. One of the first things I checked out were her feet cause Dane's were HUGE! Her's were super tiny, but here's where the dream gets weird..... She had 4 feet! Two normal feet but on the bottom of each was another foot headed the opposite direction! Huh?! My first thought was that she wouldn't be able to wear any of those footed sleepers we bought her. My second thought was that maybe she was suppose to be a twin. Super strange!

What could those mean? What weirdness.

On another note: The weather was SO GOOD this past weekend. Dane headed out every morning before having breakfast or even changing out of his Pj's to play. Love this, Love warm summer weather. What fun!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

39 weeks & 5 days

This little guy loves, loves, loves his baby sister!

We'll see how long that lasts.

** Still pregnant. I'm running out of ideas to get things moving here. Yesterday we got up and went to the greenhouse to purchase the flowers for all my pots. Then I hit up the grocery store, came home and hovered over those pots planting flowers for about an hour. I was having lots of pains and contractions towards the evening but then......NOTHING. Hmmmm.

So, This morning I push mowed around the backyard again. I might head to the West Liberty yard sales to walk around later today or maybe work on the garden. The weather here is GORGEOUS! 75 degrees and SUNNY :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brad & Mini-Brad

After coming inside from working out in the yard I looked over to notice that they both had on their workin' pants, navy shirts and hanes socks. The one sock less foot is a bit of a joke, for some reason Dane is always walking around the house in just 1 sock. Why? Who knows.

*39 1/2 weeks pregnant. Why won't this baby come out?! I really think I may go over my due date, who would've thought? Certainly not me, or my family or any of the girls I work with or my husband but yet here I sit, still pregnant.

.......and I'm trying to get things a rolling too, not just sitting here. Since the weather is pure crap (rain, rain, rain) we've gone to big stores to walk around, we also went to Galaxy Golf in Columbus yesterday were I proceeded to climb in and out and up and down endless indoor tunnels and slides and rope swings, etc. with NOTHING!

So I repeat to myself.........."she'll come when she's ready, she'll come when she's ready."

Patience is a virtue that I apparently don't have :(

Sunday, May 15, 2011

1st Lesson

Brad takes Dane's training wheels off for his 1st lesson on how to ride a bike. It was so fun to watch. He's not ready by any means but we'll give it another go when the weather is nice again.

Looking so 'big boy' here, can't belive how fast he's growing up.

.......and I get a lesson in patience.......

*No baby yet......hmmmm. 39 weeks tomorrow. Next appointment scheduled for Tuesday.

I guess technically she's still got a week before she's due, so I'm trying to just relax about it. She'll arrive when she's ready to.

Because Dane came early, I've never really "waited" for a baby to come. Dane decided in the middle of the night with no prior warning signs that he was ready. He's always been in such a hurry to grow up and get going but I think this baby may be more of a take your time kinda baby.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Our room is ready.

Hospital bag (half-packed) under the cradle and ready to go.

Here's that cute little beanie that my friend Cori made. Still haven't picked it up yet, maybe I'll send Brad to do that sometime this week. I'm picturing a baby with nothing but this adorable hat on will make a cute picture :)

*Some days I feel like she's changed her mind and doesn't want to come. Funny that about a month ago I thought she'd be here already, I was uncomfortable and crampy and just sure she'd be making an early appearance. Now a days, I can have complete whole days where I feel pretty good with not much movement or contractions and I think that maybe I could even go over my due date!! Much to Brad's dismay I even push mowed around the house alittle on Monday with no problem. But last night was alittle rough. I'm not sleeping well and I was having alot of contractions, so I think maybe it will be soon after all.

Only 3 days of work left :) Which is good, it's getting alittle cumbersome to comfortably sit and lean over someone for very long. Then you have those tired, swollen feet and ankles that sometimes feel tingly and numb.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

@38 weeks

I never made it past this point in pregnancy with Dane.

Cute little pink ruffled bloomers and a cream colored headband with flower that I ordered from a shop on Etsy called My 2 Lil Pixes Boutique. I have a photographer lined up to take some newborn photos when she's just a few weeks old and this will be one of her outfits.

So cute ;)

*I also had a friend make me a really cute brown knit hat with a pink flower but I haven't picked it up yet. Pics to come.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Soccer Game

My nephew Kelvin's Elite soccer game in Marysville on Mother's Day. He was awesome! They won and he scored the winning goal :)

I can't believe my nephew is 14 already. Seriously, I changed his diapers! Man I'm getting old.

Dane cheering on Kelvin on Aunt Randi's lap.

(thanks for taking the pictures Mariana)

P.S. Brad thinks I'm having our baby this week. I think it'll be next week cause my main OB is out of town the week of the 16th and it's also a full moon that week.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's a Date!

Thanks to my dad for re-gifting his Scotts 20yr club tickets for dinner and movie. This may be the last date Brad and I get for awhile. We saw 'Something Boworred' at the Arena Grand Theatre and then walked down the street to Buca Di Beppo.

This may be our last photo as a family of 3.

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day!

I know I did! We had a family get together at my mom's and the weather was fantastic. Then we got to see my nephew play soccer in Marysville. He was great and they won! I'll have some pics of that to share later this week.

Preggo Update: 38 weeks. I never thought I'd still be pregnant and quite frankly I'm really tired of being pregnant at this point. I'm getting HUGE and it's uncomfortable. I can't sit or stand for any amount of time without my legs/feet swelling up to elephant-like size.

We're ready here at the house (I think). Everything is set up and ready to go.

Emotionally I'm not sure I'm ready. Those old guilty feelings are coming back. I am sad that these are the last few days alone with Dane. He's so excited but I'm worried that I won't be able to provide the same level of attention and care and that he'll feel slighted. I worry that I won't be able to love the new baby the same way I love my first........I'm sure that's normal......right??

Regardless, We're about to embark upon a new adventure around here!

Wish us luck!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baby Shower

Thanks to my sisters for throwing me a baby shower!

Dane and I had a great time!

I received lots of great stuff.....cute outfits, lots of diapers/wipes, toys, etc. I feel much more prepared now. I think we're ready! Let's get this show on the road :)

Come on baby girl!

Everyone knows that everyone usually hates the games at baby showers. However, This one was SO FUN! Everyone was handed a blob of play-do and instructed to make the best baby sculpture that they could and I got to pick the winners. To funny. Here they are.....

Thanks to everyone for coming!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have the best patients ever!

I was so surprised when I came back from maternity leave from Dane and patients had left me some surprise gifts! This time I had a patient drop off these burp clothes that he had his wife make for me and "baby girl."

They have the cutest little sayings.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Dinner

We had Brad's side of the family over for Easter Dinner and for the 1st time in awhile we gathered everyone together for a family photo. I think it turned out pretty good. What a bunch of good looking people. I consider myself to be pretty lucky, I have great family both born into and extended!