Monday, May 30, 2011

Miss Olive's Debute!

She's here! Those previously mentioned "different" feeling contractions were the real deal. I'd just mentioned to Brad the day before she was born that I believed she may have taken her time on deciding when to arrive but that when she finally made that choice she was going to be serious and mean business! and I was right!

A grocery trip to Meijer in Springfield really set things in motion. Then a dinner at Steak and Shake (Dane's favorite place) where I proceded to have many contractions which I needed to breath through. P.S. When you mind tells you NOT to eat something.....listen to it. My eyes wanted that frisco melt with green pepper and onions and I knew it was going to be a bad idea but I ate it anyway. I later really regreted that decision while retasting those peppers while puking at least 5 times.

But Anyway. 5 hours later @ 2:58am

Olive Lynn Grimes

7lbs 15oz

21inches long

With a head full of thick dark hair!

Her big brother LOVES her!

Everyone is doing well! I feel great.

Tired but great!

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