Friday, May 27, 2011

Ohhhhh Baby!

If you do not want to see my giant bare pregnant belly DO NOT scroll down!!

Seriously, Prepare yourself.

It's not terrible mind you, at least I don't have stretch marks (yet)

But if she doesn't come soon I might.

Hopefully my body can recover from this!






Oh, Dane. You cutie pie :)

Another from the side to fully appreciate the hugeness.
40 weeks & 4 days

These were mostly for my bestest in New York.

What do ya think of that!?

Still want kids? LOL

* Woke up at 6 today with a different kind of contraction. Lower, sharper and involving my lower back more. I had back labor with Dane so this development intrigues me.

I'm thinking soon.

A friend shared this great article with me from It really spoke to me. Parts of it I feel like I could have wrote about myself. I took some of the advice from the article last night and sat in the dark rocking myself in the glider and really trying to focus inward and relax. Things I was better able to do when pregnant with Dane and having nothing really else to focus on. It's harder to find time in the day to do these things when I'm busy taking care of Dane now.

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