Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fun Stuff Too

A small break from construction pictures my readers. We've been slowly chipping away at the addition but we've manage to have some fun and enjoy eachother too.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Last 3 Days

So, again. Thank you to my sister in law and parents for helping out. Mucho Gracias. I woudn't have been able to get anything accomplished without your help.
I painted. A nice dark grey. I could have gone a touch darker since the room gets so much light but oh well. I do like it.
 Brad got rained out of work and helped me paint and then hung the bathroom door. It needs painted still (god help me).
 Plumbing got finished and fixtures installed.
Seems silly to be excited by this but here's our can lights and fire alarm. The fire alarm is synced up with one in the basement so if there is a fire down there it'll go off in our bedroom. Good idea Husband.
 Those dag blasted pocket doors. Painted. Done. Need carried up stairs and installed but DONE.

I painted the back wall of the linen closet a nice bright limey green called Asparagus. (thanks for the color Ellen). Brad will put up white shelves eventually and I wanted a bright pop of color to liven it up.
I had a painting disaster when Lowes gave me some bad old or previously frozen paint that was all goopy and stretchy. It was awful and splotchy and I'd thought I'd ruined the wall. Thankfully they were cooperative and switched it up even exchange for their higher quality paint and it covered beautifully.
Also, Notice a toliet sitting there :)  We chose a 'Clean Cadet' by American Standard. It has nice clean lines and best of all it has a smooth bottom for easy cleaning. None of those pipes to wipe around! Yippee!

I found some curtain rods that I love! I can't wait to get those tangarine orange curtains hung. Oooooo, So pretty!

Neil finished the siding. Today Dane's windows will get replaced. We had to get a smaller one due to the roof line being too tall. Poor kid's had a blanket for a window for the last month.

We have a little surprise going on in the bedroom. We can't afford to put in carpet right now so we're going to spruce up the sub floor to make it more liveable till we can get some carpet. Stay tuned, it's gonna be so cool!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gettin' Busy

I'm ridiculously busy around here. I'll need to return to work to rest up but am thankful for the week off to get some things accomplished.
This little cutie is one of the reasons it's so hard to get anything done. Or started for that matter. So thankful for my parents who have watched the kids for 2 whole days when they didn't technically have to. Seriously, I'm so grateful.
Our vanity top came in finally. It was a special order.  Polished and stained concrete. Beautiful!

Brad and I took all day Saturday  to paint ceilings and the bathroom/closet walls. We chose Benjamin Moore pale grey called Winter Solstice.
Well, Brad's back to work and I'm on my own. LET'S DO THIS!
 I've got my I mean business painting pony tails on!
I'm exhausted but it's DONE. Well, It's primed ( I can't believe I have to do it again!) Took me all day between this and running down to the basement to put coats of paint on our doors. BTW. Do yourself a solid and just spend the extra money and get doors that are already finished. It's a pain in the ass.
The bathroom floors got installed today while I was priming the bedroom. I'm SO THRILLED. I love it. The guys where nice enough to help Neil load in the vanity too!
Oooooo, SO pretty! Also, Noticed after it was installed that in the week it was sitting in the office that a certain cute little something took a red and grey crayon to it. Geez! Luckily it wiped off mostly. I think I'll just take a Magic Eraser to the rest and see if that works.
Tomorrow my sister in law agreed to watch the kids for a few hours so hopefully I can get another coat of paint on the doors and then trim the bedroom (AGAIN!) in the real paint color.

Friday, April 19, 2013

He's A Big Boy......

But I'm feeling like a big baby.
 Dane got his preschool pictures back for this year. Isn't he cute!? Smile is a little fake but they always are in school pictures. No crazy expression so I'm happy. 

Me however, I'm so overwhelmed I could cry. My house is a mess.Completely covered in drywall dust. On top of that i have to attend to the other messes in my house, laundry, dishes, floors,  bathrooms, children, meals, snacks, and then repeat. No matter how much I clean it just reappears. Esp the drywall dust. I can't really start anything like priming or painting till it gets cleaned up. 

Anyways. Enough bitching. Ive got stuff to clean.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Few Tears & A Lisp

He's smiling here but don't let that fool you. Just moments before I took this picture he was
crying with his head buried in my shirt. I have the fresh tooth blood stain on my shirt to prove it. It wasn't pain that cause the tears. They didn't start till he saw his reflection in the mirror. I think it startled him. He said he thinks the tooth beside is gonna miss it but I wonder if it was a self awareness that really caused the tears. Did he realize how silly he looks and worry he'd get made fun of? I hope not.

I reassured him of what a big boy he's becoming. How cool he looks. 

The tooth has some work to do. Night night.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


We've got drywall now and what a difference it makes. It's a room now. They came on Saturday and had it all up taped and mudded before the day was over. One guy even came back today (Sunday) to add another coat of mud. They'll be done by this Wed.
Wow. Then it's my turn.......PAINT! Which will work out perfectly cause I have all next week off of work. So if I can find someone to help me with the kids I will be painting. ALOT. All the doors, ceiling, and walls! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
We ordered the flooring for this space last week and it should be installed sometime next week-ish.
 We've got 4 LED can lights going into the bedroom with a dimmer switch located next to the bed. Ooooo, Fancy :)
*This week we're expecting siding to arrive and the new window for Dane's room.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's Happening

We have the new french doors Installed! I think they are so pretty! Love them!

The metal roof went on. (Tanners goona be so mad I took and posted his picture!)

And a surprise that I forgot to mention got delievered.....A New Front Door!! 
Our old one really wasn't very safe with no dead bolt and it was ugly. This has a window! Yea for more natural light!!!  So, Now the question paint it red like our old door OR pick a new color?

Drywall was suppose to start Wed but a mis communication error occured and now they wont start hanging it till Sat :(  I'm excited for this part to start and be over. The spcae will seem much more room-like!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Big Day Here In Construction World

So today we got insulation blown in. Actually, It's more of a foam like material. It's air tight out there right now. Looks great!
 Best of all Neil showed up when they were done and put in all the windows!! We went with Anderson Tilt-In Windows in a Sandstone on the exterior and White interior. It's definitely looking more room like :)
It's actually an exciting week here. Tomorrow Neil is setting the tub, replacing the exterior patio door and putting in the interior french doors, and putting in the pocket doors.
By the end of the week we should have a metal roof, siding, and drywall!!!!!!
More good news. I found these Faux Silk grommet style curtains in a mandarin orange color. I bought them up. Going to tie this orange in with pillows and other accents with other colors like green.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Baby Fahle

We've also had a celebration! My sisters and I held a baby shower for our youngest sister Randi. They are expecting their first baby in 6 weeks!
It was a Little Man/Mustache themed party. It turned out great!
The sisters.
 Randi received lots of great presents. Thank you to the family and friends who came to celebrate!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Together We Grieve

We unexpectedly lost my Grandma Longshore this week. She was a wonderful lady. The backbone of our family. We will miss her presence terribly. It's been a busy emotionally charged week. Along with this event Brad had surgery on his knee. He is fine and getting around quite well but it just added to the already stressful week. We're all emotionally and phsically drained.
I have to again say I'm so thankful for my family. They mean everything to me.
So here we are. Mom and Dad with their 5 kids.

and now with our spouses or in Morgan's case his significant other Kelsey (we love her) She came home from college to grieve our loss with us and to be emotional support for my brother.