Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Few Tears & A Lisp

He's smiling here but don't let that fool you. Just moments before I took this picture he was
crying with his head buried in my shirt. I have the fresh tooth blood stain on my shirt to prove it. It wasn't pain that cause the tears. They didn't start till he saw his reflection in the mirror. I think it startled him. He said he thinks the tooth beside is gonna miss it but I wonder if it was a self awareness that really caused the tears. Did he realize how silly he looks and worry he'd get made fun of? I hope not.

I reassured him of what a big boy he's becoming. How cool he looks. 

The tooth has some work to do. Night night.


  1. I love that Claire and Dane are loosing teeth at an alarming rate! So funny to see their cute tooth-less smiles. Tell him tears are not necessary until his smile looks like grandpas.

  2. He called G-Pa right away and said "My dad said I look like a Hillbilly. Now I look just like you!"

    He also was very distracted by the way he was talking now and kept repeating certain woods to hear the lisp. Lol.

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