Sunday, April 14, 2013


We've got drywall now and what a difference it makes. It's a room now. They came on Saturday and had it all up taped and mudded before the day was over. One guy even came back today (Sunday) to add another coat of mud. They'll be done by this Wed.
Wow. Then it's my turn.......PAINT! Which will work out perfectly cause I have all next week off of work. So if I can find someone to help me with the kids I will be painting. ALOT. All the doors, ceiling, and walls! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
We ordered the flooring for this space last week and it should be installed sometime next week-ish.
 We've got 4 LED can lights going into the bedroom with a dimmer switch located next to the bed. Ooooo, Fancy :)
*This week we're expecting siding to arrive and the new window for Dane's room.

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