Friday, April 26, 2013

The Last 3 Days

So, again. Thank you to my sister in law and parents for helping out. Mucho Gracias. I woudn't have been able to get anything accomplished without your help.
I painted. A nice dark grey. I could have gone a touch darker since the room gets so much light but oh well. I do like it.
 Brad got rained out of work and helped me paint and then hung the bathroom door. It needs painted still (god help me).
 Plumbing got finished and fixtures installed.
Seems silly to be excited by this but here's our can lights and fire alarm. The fire alarm is synced up with one in the basement so if there is a fire down there it'll go off in our bedroom. Good idea Husband.
 Those dag blasted pocket doors. Painted. Done. Need carried up stairs and installed but DONE.

I painted the back wall of the linen closet a nice bright limey green called Asparagus. (thanks for the color Ellen). Brad will put up white shelves eventually and I wanted a bright pop of color to liven it up.
I had a painting disaster when Lowes gave me some bad old or previously frozen paint that was all goopy and stretchy. It was awful and splotchy and I'd thought I'd ruined the wall. Thankfully they were cooperative and switched it up even exchange for their higher quality paint and it covered beautifully.
Also, Notice a toliet sitting there :)  We chose a 'Clean Cadet' by American Standard. It has nice clean lines and best of all it has a smooth bottom for easy cleaning. None of those pipes to wipe around! Yippee!

I found some curtain rods that I love! I can't wait to get those tangarine orange curtains hung. Oooooo, So pretty!

Neil finished the siding. Today Dane's windows will get replaced. We had to get a smaller one due to the roof line being too tall. Poor kid's had a blanket for a window for the last month.

We have a little surprise going on in the bedroom. We can't afford to put in carpet right now so we're going to spruce up the sub floor to make it more liveable till we can get some carpet. Stay tuned, it's gonna be so cool!

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