Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's Happening

We have the new french doors Installed! I think they are so pretty! Love them!

The metal roof went on. (Tanners goona be so mad I took and posted his picture!)

And a surprise that I forgot to mention got delievered.....A New Front Door!! 
Our old one really wasn't very safe with no dead bolt and it was ugly. This has a window! Yea for more natural light!!!  So, Now the question paint it red like our old door OR pick a new color?

Drywall was suppose to start Wed but a mis communication error occured and now they wont start hanging it till Sat :(  I'm excited for this part to start and be over. The spcae will seem much more room-like!


  1. 1) Those french doors are awesome
    2) I love metal roofs,
    3) Post a pic of the front of your house so I can tell you what color to paint the front door.

  2. I know, I know. A new color would be great but

    1. I have 2 other exterior doors that are red and I don't really have the time to paint all 3.
    2. I'm already super overwhelmed with every other decision needing to be made regarding the addition.
    3. With live so far off the road no one can see the front door esp behind the screendoor. You can't even tell its red now.