Thursday, July 31, 2014

Coming Towards A Close.

August isn't even hear yet but I can feel summers end looming. School starts in 3 weeks for Dane 1st grade and I've already begun gathering supplies.  Last night Olive's preschool paperwork came in the mail and I can't quite process that. My thoughts on that will require a seperate post.

In the meantime I'm going to enjoy what's left of our carefree summer days.

Side note, I used to hate watermelon and now I love it. Can't get enough.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Ready To Party!

I'm so excited right now! Picked out new patio furniture which I found on clearance. Perfect timing and with a little early Christmas present money we brought it home. Now we're ready to party it up.

I'd perhaps like a little coffee table and a gazebo or pergola or giant umbrella or something too. 

At ball practice tonight. What's a couple of girls to do but paint their nails bubblegum pink.

*Fartlek training today with my sister in law went good day today. The weather was devine. 60 degrees, over cast with a slight misty dizzle. Had a great 1.5 mile run at 7:3O-7:40 pace. I've never run faster than an 8:10 so I was really psyched about that. We then ran phone pole to role alternating a hard run and jog. Finished at 4.25 miles.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

What's Going On

This weekend has been a busy one. Friday I ran errands all day. I needed to start Dane's school shopping, look for dress shoes for myself, get Dane new soccer cleats, and his dress jeans for the wedding that he'll be ring bearer in. 

More errands were ran on Sat and Brad installed outdoor speakers on our new deck.

Sunday I ran 7.1 miles in the morning. It was sooo humid. 94%. I then got groceries and headed home to start getting ready for my cousins wedding. 

Wedding pics.

These 2 danced the night away.

Tomorrow, i have plans to get up early and meet my sister in law for some interval training. I'm nervous. She's fast! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Obi Day

Pictures from last Monday when I got to watch Obi all day. We had quite a good time. He's a pretty easy going baby.  Dane and Olive kept him pretty busy.

These Radio Flyer wagon pics were from the 'nature walk' that they decided he needed. 

*No, it didn't make me want to have another kid. While enjoyed him very much (he really is  very easy) I also really like the phase we're in here. Ya know, kids feed themselves, no diapers, they can talk. Oh, wait maybe that "no talking" business isn't so bad. Haha

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Very Nearly Done

It's more done than the pictures show actually.  All the deck boards are on. Next we need to build the step up to the door. We're thinking of building in solar lights on the front of the step too which should look pretty cool.


Brad's Uncle came to assist which made it go a bit faster. Brad's idea to add a border around the deck really gives it a more polished look. I love it!

This little dance party is from last week.
 (No, this isn't safe.)
* I can't get this video to play. Can you?

Or what about this one? Girl likes to dance. This was from her birthday party day.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fall Ball

I have no idea why they call it that. It starts in July and only last 4-5 weeks. Not even close to fall but anyway, Dane got asked to play. I really didn't want to but he did and it is really good practice for him and if he decides to play coach pitch again in the Spring it will really help his game. 

We have practice 1--2x a week for 2 hours and double header games on Thursday nights. Last night was the first. They lost the 1st and won the 2nd. Dane did pretty good and had a 4 really nice hits. He does need to work on paying attention better and running faster. He often gets a great hit but gets out on 1st which is what happend in game 1. In game 2 he hit a couple nice ones and made it to 2nd base.

Monday, July 14, 2014

He's So Handy

My husband is a handy guy to have around. Lately he's been working hard on building us a deck. He's done this 90% all my himself. I say 90% cause we borrowed a friends tractor to prep the ground and I helped set the posts and shovel some gravel. Other than that he's spent 3 weekends out here and it's not done yet. 

It's a low profile style so we won't need any railings which I like. Gives it a sleeker look.

It's gonna be so nice. I'm really proud of my handy guy.

We're hoping to get a pergola or something in that corner by the electric box someday with some nice seating to entertain more guests and relax in the shade.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Olive got her 1st haircut today. She's kinda got a long hair fetish loving to twirl her hair (or yours), braids, Rapunzel, pigtails, Pocahontas, etc. The girl loves hair! If we'd ever mentioned a cut before she'd want nothing to do with it. Today I took Dane in for his cut and casually asked if she wanted one too. She said YES!! And bigger yet, she even went through with it! 

Just a little trim though. You can hardly notice. Look at her little smile. She was so excited and even whispered "Daddy's gonna be so proud of me". 

Dane even did a little something different today. I let him choose his cut instead of doing the usual cut just like Brad he asked Jamie for a mohawk. Oh geez. She so kindly cut it in a way he could also wear it down and you'd not notice too much.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th & Firecracker 5k Recap

The weather was near perfection for a 5k this morning but I'm learning I perform best in colder weather. Ironic because I HATE being cold! It was a nice sunny 60's this morning and you can't really wish for better running weather in July.

I felt like I really pushed it today. I really wanted to at least come close to that 5k PR of 25:57. I didn't but I gave it 100%.  Actually, your not suppose to go out too fast but I was really trying to better my time. My first mile was an 8:10. Oops too fast and I wasn't able to keep it up.

My official time was 27:10 with an 8:43 pace.
I placed 36th out of 105 total participants and 15th out of 60 females.

I've done 4 5k's this year and this one placed 2nd in times.

Race #1 Nov Pumpkin Dash 27:35
**Race #2 Lady Tutu 25:57**   PR
Race #3 Glo Run 27:17
Race #4 Firecracker 27:10

I ran this one with my baby brother and a friend of mine from high school. Because of these 2 it was actually really fun. They had me laughing before and after.

Still chasing that PR.

Have a Happy 4th of July! We're headed to a party and fireworks later :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


A call from friends came on Tues morning so I threw a packed lunch together and we met them at this cute splash park in Dublin. 

I think Olive would have been completely happy to skip the splash pad part
and to just play around these bunnies.

We played for a few hours and then headed to get some ice cream.

A stop at Jeni's Ice Cream before heading to swim lessons. It's always a good idea.

I last minute decided to sign up for the Firecracker 5000 5k in West Mansfield on Friday morning after my baby brother said he was going to. Should be fun. The temps are suppose to drop here in the next few days so that should make it tolerable. I'm hoping to better my times from that last 5k so coming in under 27 would be my ideal goal but I'd have to beat 25 minutes to PR. We'll see what happens.