Friday, July 18, 2014

Fall Ball

I have no idea why they call it that. It starts in July and only last 4-5 weeks. Not even close to fall but anyway, Dane got asked to play. I really didn't want to but he did and it is really good practice for him and if he decides to play coach pitch again in the Spring it will really help his game. 

We have practice 1--2x a week for 2 hours and double header games on Thursday nights. Last night was the first. They lost the 1st and won the 2nd. Dane did pretty good and had a 4 really nice hits. He does need to work on paying attention better and running faster. He often gets a great hit but gets out on 1st which is what happend in game 1. In game 2 he hit a couple nice ones and made it to 2nd base.

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