Friday, July 11, 2014


Olive got her 1st haircut today. She's kinda got a long hair fetish loving to twirl her hair (or yours), braids, Rapunzel, pigtails, Pocahontas, etc. The girl loves hair! If we'd ever mentioned a cut before she'd want nothing to do with it. Today I took Dane in for his cut and casually asked if she wanted one too. She said YES!! And bigger yet, she even went through with it! 

Just a little trim though. You can hardly notice. Look at her little smile. She was so excited and even whispered "Daddy's gonna be so proud of me". 

Dane even did a little something different today. I let him choose his cut instead of doing the usual cut just like Brad he asked Jamie for a mohawk. Oh geez. She so kindly cut it in a way he could also wear it down and you'd not notice too much.

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