Monday, July 28, 2014

Ready To Party!

I'm so excited right now! Picked out new patio furniture which I found on clearance. Perfect timing and with a little early Christmas present money we brought it home. Now we're ready to party it up.

I'd perhaps like a little coffee table and a gazebo or pergola or giant umbrella or something too. 

At ball practice tonight. What's a couple of girls to do but paint their nails bubblegum pink.

*Fartlek training today with my sister in law went good day today. The weather was devine. 60 degrees, over cast with a slight misty dizzle. Had a great 1.5 mile run at 7:3O-7:40 pace. I've never run faster than an 8:10 so I was really psyched about that. We then ran phone pole to role alternating a hard run and jog. Finished at 4.25 miles.

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