Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Dane has learned to ride his bike without training wheels! Very exciting. He doesn't need help starting off or turning around or stopping. However.....
We'd been practicing in the grass so I wasn't making him where a helmet. On Sunday while Brad was mowing and I was inside with Olive Dane decided to take off on his bike down the gravel driveway with no helmet.  I wasn't watching so I don't know what happened but Brad said he was peddeling very fast and crashed hard! Dane says he hit a big rock. Not sure if I believe that but he did hit a rock with his head and skinned up his knee.  Brad gave him a ride up to the house on the mower and he had blood running down his face. Poor boy.
 Lesson learned, Where a helmet at all times.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dane & Olive

I was having some technical difficulties with the blog for several days and was unable to upload any pictures. It seems to be working now. So here's what Dane's and Olive have been up too.
His new favorite thing to do:

The trike was a gift from our neighbors. It was their son and daughters when they were little.  They have a photo just like this one of their son at the age of 4 pulling their daughter in a Radio Flyer wagon at the same age as Olive. How cool! 

Olive seems to like it for the most part.  I feel sorry for her sometimes. Dane really cooks up some interesting ideas for him and her. For now she has no real say. He'll just grab her up and set her in the wagon and take off.  

              Man, I hate when I forget to check the lense for smudges and notice after the fact.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mmm. Pancakes

  I forgot to post these pics from our Pittsburgh trip. Our last breakfast. Mmmm @ Pamela's Pancakes (wipe drool off chin). So good. These must have been some form of pancake crack cause I've been thinking of them ever since. Now I know why Obama had the chef flown to the whitehouse. Here's the story to that if you'd never heard. 


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Zoo Day

Dane's really into silly faces right now. Here's one. 


Lunch time by the river.

Lincon, Dane, Taylor, & Oliver.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sister Watches....Soccer Star

 Olive watches warm ups. Probably the only time she actually stood still. I'm lucky to get any pictures really. I spend most of my time chasing her off the field.

This turned out to be a chilly evening. Wished I had brought a cardigan for Olive and I.
Which reminds me....I need to find Dane a black pair of sweatpants and a black long sleeved shirt to wear under his jersey for when the weather turns colder. Underarmor maybe?

He's loving soccer so far. I can't wait to see what happens in an actual game. Should be amusing.

Before we left for practice Dane requested I spike his hair into a mohawk. It's usually not long enough to do it but he's getting close to needing a haircut so it worked perfectly. Brad showed up to practice and said he looked like a punk. Whatever. 

Now come on, Does this sweet handsome boy look like a punk? 

 Ha. This is his serious angry mad face. Scary huh?!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pittsburgh-Day 1-2

 We spent the weekend in Pittsburgh with Ellen & Kirk. We had a great time!  They recently moved and bought the most perfect house which has plenty of room for guests. Hopefully, It wasn't so crazy having our family stay there and they will invite us again.

Here we are in the tunnel which goes through Mt. Washington and emerges into Pittsburgh. What a beautiful city!

After we moved our stuff into her house we walked to the park.

Brad and Olive just relaxing in the hammock on Ellen's patio.

 The next morning we woke up and headed to the Incline where we could ride a trolley up the side of Mt. Washington and view the city. So fun. I think Dane really loved this part of our trip.

Ellen brought him binoculars so he could more closely view the city.

Aww. Ellen and Kirk. Thanks for entertaining my family!

The view from the top.

My cuties.

Dane wanted to take some pictures too. This was inside the trolley car. 

Dane and Ellen on one of the observation towers.

Another one of Dane's. From inside the trolley, a view of the tracks.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Offically, A Soccer Mom!

 Soccer practice started this week.  It's every Tues and Thurs evening. It's been alittle hectic getting off work and running to pick him up, feed him and then run to soccer practice but I've really enjoyed getting to watch Dane learn the game of soccer. I hope he learns to love it! So far he really likes it.

Warm up time.

Practice dribbling the ball through cones. 

Just play time.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olive Lynn @ 14 months

 Olive woke up today in an extremely good mood. Not always the case. She was all smiles for her lunch so I decided I better break out the camera and capture it. I think the following pics really capture her personality.

Ornery little thing. Can't ya tell?

Now this is one of my favorite expressions. Her puffy lips. She does this mostly in response to getting in trouble. After I scold her or tell her no she bust out the puffy lips. She knows it makes me laugh. Although I try not too.  Today she did it just to be funny. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

More Fair Fun

Champaign County Fair happens to be the best county fair. It's small and relatively clean but best of all.....Rides are included in admission! Which makes it cheaper than all other fairs! We started going with our friends Sean, Jen and babies last year and I hope to continue the trend. It's fun to watch our kids play and grow up together.

Taylor and Dane ride the carosel.

Brad and Dane. Dane's giving me the two thumbs up here :)

 Then a little game action.

Jen took the following pics. Thank Jen.

Ice cream time before we left.

Here's Hudson & Olive.
He's is always so happy and smiley!
Now check out Miss Olive's face....SO MOODY! Geez. What an attitude!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Old & Sick

You think I'm talking about the Kitty don't ya? Well your partially right. She is old and sick. Matter of fact her other ear is looking a little cancerous currently and she's having these nose bleeds too.  Not really willing to put any more money into her. Is that wrong?  Poor thing. I think we're just going to let her die of old age and stop trying to save her. She's doesn't seem to be in any distress and she's had a good long life.

I'm also talking about this back door. It's really old and sick.
The outside wood is rotted. I'm tired of painting it over and over to make it look decent and the seal around the window is gone. I'm sure it's not very energy efficient. So we've ordered a new one. I'm kinda excited to see it. We went with a Pella with a Brown enduraclad exterior with the exterior trim. No maintenance! Gonna be so nice. 

I must be old to get so excited about a new patio door.