Saturday, August 4, 2012

Old & Sick

You think I'm talking about the Kitty don't ya? Well your partially right. She is old and sick. Matter of fact her other ear is looking a little cancerous currently and she's having these nose bleeds too.  Not really willing to put any more money into her. Is that wrong?  Poor thing. I think we're just going to let her die of old age and stop trying to save her. She's doesn't seem to be in any distress and she's had a good long life.

I'm also talking about this back door. It's really old and sick.
The outside wood is rotted. I'm tired of painting it over and over to make it look decent and the seal around the window is gone. I'm sure it's not very energy efficient. So we've ordered a new one. I'm kinda excited to see it. We went with a Pella with a Brown enduraclad exterior with the exterior trim. No maintenance! Gonna be so nice. 

I must be old to get so excited about a new patio door.

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