Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dane & Olive

I was having some technical difficulties with the blog for several days and was unable to upload any pictures. It seems to be working now. So here's what Dane's and Olive have been up too.
His new favorite thing to do:

The trike was a gift from our neighbors. It was their son and daughters when they were little.  They have a photo just like this one of their son at the age of 4 pulling their daughter in a Radio Flyer wagon at the same age as Olive. How cool! 

Olive seems to like it for the most part.  I feel sorry for her sometimes. Dane really cooks up some interesting ideas for him and her. For now she has no real say. He'll just grab her up and set her in the wagon and take off.  

              Man, I hate when I forget to check the lense for smudges and notice after the fact.

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