Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brad & Mini-Brad

After coming inside from working out in the yard I looked over to notice that they both had on their workin' pants, navy shirts and hanes socks. The one sock less foot is a bit of a joke, for some reason Dane is always walking around the house in just 1 sock. Why? Who knows.

*39 1/2 weeks pregnant. Why won't this baby come out?! I really think I may go over my due date, who would've thought? Certainly not me, or my family or any of the girls I work with or my husband but yet here I sit, still pregnant.

.......and I'm trying to get things a rolling too, not just sitting here. Since the weather is pure crap (rain, rain, rain) we've gone to big stores to walk around, we also went to Galaxy Golf in Columbus yesterday were I proceeded to climb in and out and up and down endless indoor tunnels and slides and rope swings, etc. with NOTHING!

So I repeat to myself.........."she'll come when she's ready, she'll come when she's ready."

Patience is a virtue that I apparently don't have :(

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