Sunday, May 15, 2011

1st Lesson

Brad takes Dane's training wheels off for his 1st lesson on how to ride a bike. It was so fun to watch. He's not ready by any means but we'll give it another go when the weather is nice again.

Looking so 'big boy' here, can't belive how fast he's growing up.

.......and I get a lesson in patience.......

*No baby yet......hmmmm. 39 weeks tomorrow. Next appointment scheduled for Tuesday.

I guess technically she's still got a week before she's due, so I'm trying to just relax about it. She'll arrive when she's ready to.

Because Dane came early, I've never really "waited" for a baby to come. Dane decided in the middle of the night with no prior warning signs that he was ready. He's always been in such a hurry to grow up and get going but I think this baby may be more of a take your time kinda baby.

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