Saturday, May 14, 2011


Our room is ready.

Hospital bag (half-packed) under the cradle and ready to go.

Here's that cute little beanie that my friend Cori made. Still haven't picked it up yet, maybe I'll send Brad to do that sometime this week. I'm picturing a baby with nothing but this adorable hat on will make a cute picture :)

*Some days I feel like she's changed her mind and doesn't want to come. Funny that about a month ago I thought she'd be here already, I was uncomfortable and crampy and just sure she'd be making an early appearance. Now a days, I can have complete whole days where I feel pretty good with not much movement or contractions and I think that maybe I could even go over my due date!! Much to Brad's dismay I even push mowed around the house alittle on Monday with no problem. But last night was alittle rough. I'm not sleeping well and I was having alot of contractions, so I think maybe it will be soon after all.

Only 3 days of work left :) Which is good, it's getting alittle cumbersome to comfortably sit and lean over someone for very long. Then you have those tired, swollen feet and ankles that sometimes feel tingly and numb.

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