Monday, May 23, 2011

She's Due

Not that she's concerned about that. Just trying to remind her.......

"Your due now baby girl, you can come out now."

I had super weird dreams last night....

Dream #1- Brad informed me that I was too big and fat to have sex with anymore and he wasn't going to do it anymore. In the dream I was apparantly trying to convince him that it may help induce labor and was devistated to hear that he didn't think I was cute enough anymore. (Sorry to the family that reads this blog, that maybe is to much information.)

Dream #2- Finally, Our daughter is born! She was very cute and chubby cheeked. One of the first things I checked out were her feet cause Dane's were HUGE! Her's were super tiny, but here's where the dream gets weird..... She had 4 feet! Two normal feet but on the bottom of each was another foot headed the opposite direction! Huh?! My first thought was that she wouldn't be able to wear any of those footed sleepers we bought her. My second thought was that maybe she was suppose to be a twin. Super strange!

What could those mean? What weirdness.

On another note: The weather was SO GOOD this past weekend. Dane headed out every morning before having breakfast or even changing out of his Pj's to play. Love this, Love warm summer weather. What fun!


  1. Gotta love those wild pregnancy dreams! I've actually had less of them this time around than before. I think it might be because I'm so exhausted when I get to bed each night I sleep so deeply I don't remember them. Hope we get to meet little Miss Grimes very soon :)

  2. I had a ton of the crazy dreams in the very beginning and none really for the last few months until last night. Brad said he had some last night too so maybe it was dinner at 2g's or the ice cream from West Liberty. LOL

    Hoping to get to meet lil' Miss Grimes soon too, and here's to having only 2 feet ;)