Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

The day after coming home with Miss Olive was Memorial Day. Brad's cousin Tanner invited Dane to throw candy from one of Zanesfield's Fire Trucks and I wasn't going to miss it! He did a great job.

It was our first outing, Olive did great! While watching the trucks come through town I just kinda wanted to cry. With Olive here Dane just seems so big boy now and while we use to stand and watch the parade together, now I stand with Olive and watch him participate in it.

I kind of just had a moment.

* We're doing pretty well here. Olive is a breastfeeding pro, Dane seems to be adjusting well so far and I physically feel great. This birthing recovery has been a breeze :)

Of course I have more pictures to post of Olive and I'll do that tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more cuteness!

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