Sunday, June 12, 2011

Water Play

Last week was SO HOT. Not that I'm complaining, it beats the constant rain.

In an effort to keep my 3 year old with a major attitude happy I busted out the sprinkler, and it worked to keep him pleasant for most of the day.

In about 10 minutes he went from this....

to this.

Why do kids never leave their swim wear on? Makes me wonder why I even bother to put it on him in the first place. Oh well.

* Oh for goodness sake. Can I not catch a break? or rather I thought I had. After a long and not so pleasant pregnancy I was lucky enough to have a relatively quick simple delivery and a quick easy recovery and then 2 weeks later..........


-Body ache



-Abdominal pain

-a general feeling of death

Diagnosis: Endometritis or rather an infection in my uterus. Why me? Well, No particular reason my Dr. says... "just bad luck" Awesome. I'm feeling better though, a good strong round of antibiotics and I'm good to go again.

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