Friday, April 4, 2014

Big Announcement!

I'm gonna do it!
 I'm going to stop making excuses to why I shouldn't, couldn't and can't because I CAN and I WILL. I think all I really needed was someone to believe I can and want to join me so my brother in-law Ryan and I decided to be a team. We're going to pick a training plan and encourage each other to stick with it.

I wanna feel what it's like to cross that finish line and I'm really excited
 (and a bit scared too)!

I just realized this kinda looks like I registered for the full marathon. Let's be clear, I did not. I am not that crazy..... yet. I registered for the Nationwide Columbus Half Marathon on Oct 19th.

If your interested in joining us please do and if you just want to come and cheer us on please make one of these super funny signs. I'm guessing humor might help when i feel like crying. Lol

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