Thursday, April 17, 2014

Warmer Days

Thankful for the warmer weather we experienced last week. It was nice to get outside and enjoy nature. While I'm unsure of whether Olive will be very outdoorsy (she seems to only like warm, non windy, non anything but perfect) She really loved the fourwheelers lessons she got from Dane. It's hard to imagine that at her age Dane was driving this thing all by himself. She's so much smaller than he was and no where near able to reach the handle bars let alone be strong enough to maneuver it around. Besides the fact that she's a bit clumsy and I wouldn't trust her behind the wheel.

Check out these smiles though.

We're on the cusp of another busy weekend. I'm hoping to get over to my sisters and help her get settled into their new home. Which means I must find somewhere to ditch the kids. For we all know trying to get anything really accomplished in a home with kids is like brushing your teeth and eating Oreo's at the same time. It's counter productive.

Also, besides that 2 different Easter parties and egg hunts. Sounds like a fun sugar filled weekend!

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