Monday, May 5, 2014

May = Crazy

This is my last day of vacation. Back to work tomorrow and so begins the crazy busy chaotic month of May. It's just plain Mazy ;)

After grocery shopping I took my girl out to lunch. How'd I get so lucky? Of course I wasn't thinking that exact thought 20 minutes earlier when she threw a container of blueberries on the floor at the grocery and they scattered everywhere. Much thanks to a store employee who helped me pick them up and even went to get me more. Or how about when she swiftly opened up some candy in the checkout lane as I was trying to unload the cart. Cursed people who line those tiny narrow lanes with lots of colorful candy. 


Anyway. So a quick run down of these coming weeks. 
-- 24 hours of continuing Ed classes 
-Baseball practices
-Baseball games
-Birthdays and more birthdays. (Obi, Olive, Randi, Me, Mom)

So the CE portion of this is really what's got me nervous.
For the next 2 Fridays and Saturday's Marna and I are going back to school to get licensed to give our patients local anesthesia. All fine and good and a really good thing to have BUT we have to practice on each other. 10 shots on each Saturday. Oh. My. Gosh. Just shoot me.

AND because I'll be in class I'm going to miss my nephew's 1st birthday party. Good thing he's too little to care.

On a good note. Olive is turning 3 at the end of the month! Bad news is Olive is turning 3. 3's are WAY harder than 2's. I think she's already started some of the TERRIBLE but at least I
I'm not Pregnant like i was when dealing with Dane's terrible 3's. I should be able to handle it with more patience. 

I'm throwing her a super RAINBOW party. 

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