Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day 2

The first half of class was lecture but after lunch we broke into groups of 3 and headed into the clinic to give 3 injections into the palate.

One into the 'Incisive Foramen' (suppose to be the most painful one) and one into each 'Greater Palatine' sites. 

First practicing in a dummy mouth .  It would beep if you injected into the correct spot.

We were all so nervous. I volunteered to get the shots first. I just wanted to get It over with and since we were using anesthetic without epi the numbness would only last around 45 minutes instead of several hours and I wanted to be back to normal before I got home.

Our third member was a friend of mine from hygiene school. I was so glad to see her and have her in our group of 3. 

My turn! After taking the injection and watching i felt pretty comfortable. The dentist teaching gave us some pretty good tips on making it painless and i have to say it REALLY was! 

This coming week is going to be a BUSY one.

Mon: Work 7-4. Dane's Spring Program 7pm
Tues: Work 7-4. Dane's baseball practice at 6:30
Wed: Work 1-7. Dane's School field trip to the zoo. 
Dane's baseball game 7:15
Thurs: Work 7-4
Fri: LA class 8-5
Sat: LA class 8-3

Whew. Exhausting.

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