Friday, August 23, 2013

First Day

It happened. Today was Dane's first day of school. He handled it like a champ. He's so brave, didn't seem nervous at all. He got up, ate breakfast, had his "coffee" (aka hot chocolate), got dressed, brushed his teeth, and sprayed his shirt with "man spray" (aka Axe body spray) and hopped on the bus like it was no big deal.
Luckily our neighbor friend came over to see him get on too and I was able to hold in the tears and put on my brave mommy face. It didn't stop that pit in my stomach though. It's that feeling you get when you leave your newborn baby for the first time. That your kid is on his own in this big world and other people are in control of his day.
He's so fun and social. I'm sure he'll love it and I can't wait to hear his stories.

 Gotta show off his new back pack.
 Ha! Sorry for my haggard appearance. Olive got up at 5:30 and was wide awake but I wasn't and didn't really want to be either.  Check out her classic fingers in the mouth accompanied by her stink-eye. What an attitude she has!
 Here's the bus, and off he goes!!!
Olive is here tearing through the house and keeping me pretty busy. Apparently I also deal with anxiety by cleaning. By 9:30 I had cleaned the Master bath, the upstairs sink and toilet, washed the dishes, done laundry, cleaned Dane's room and changed his sheets.
-------------UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE ---------------
He loved it. He loved everything about it. He made friends. He had recess 2x. They laid on mats to rest, but no one slept. He ate all the lunch I packed him. They got to visit the computer lab.  Some boys almost got their sticks moved(meaning they were being bad or not following the rules). He was good and didn't get his stick moved.  They have 4th grade bus buddies that come to their class at the end of the day and guide the Kindergarteners to the correct bus.
The best quote of the evening..... "You know my bus buddy, guess what?! She's a girl and she's really pretty. It's a good thing I decided to use my man spray today."
Hysterical. Seriously.


  1. Haha. Thanks. I'll tell him you said so when he gets home!

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