Monday, September 2, 2013

A Bit Of A Mish Mash

It occurred to me I never posted a pic of the finished vanity/faucets/mirrors in the Master Bath.  We're still on the hunt for vanity lights for above the mirrors. I'm thinking a 2-light style in brushed nickel with clean lines. I'm just really too picky.

A lot of things remained unfinished in the addition space but we're slowly but surely crossing items off that list. We still need trim throughout, and roman style shades for the closet and bathroom windows and several doors finshed.  Technically we still need carpet too but I actually super love the painted chevron floor so I'm not worried about that at all.

This weekend we tackled the Master Closet. For 4 months we've been using a door (unfinished linen closet door) laid across saw horses to pile all our clothes on and it was driving me CRAZY! So we finally settled on a closet system and got it installed. Yea for having a place to put things!  This is just one wall. We've yet to figure out a plan for the other side, but I'm not worried about that just yet. This will work for now.

 My new favorite piece of furniture. The cabinet/hutch my grandma left for me. It's really old and has fantastic charm and character. Plus, I can't look at it without thinking of her.  Inside I've got several pieces I'd been given from her, g-ma Burrey, and g-ma Grimes. It's pretty special.

 I also got this cool old dresser from my granny. Isn't it neat. We needed a dresser in the Master Bedroom and wasn't sure this was what I was wanting but after I got it in place I decided it was perfect. Also, super old and has this cool look to it. It's hard to tell in pictures but the drawers are curved.  I dig it. Kinda vintage glam.

Also, This weekend I cleaned out our old bedroom (Olive's new room) and painted our old dresser. I'm so excited to give Olive a space of her own. I never got to make her a nursery since we shared rooms with her and she's never gotten a place to call her own.  I painted the dresser with left over paint from our Master. So it's a dark grey. I'm looking for fun bright whimsical knobs and pulls to add to the drawers.

Next weekend if I get time I'm hoping to paint her room! I also would love to get her some cute framed prints and this.....

Her late g-ma Burrey sang this to her everytime they were together and lately before bed Olive has been singing it.  She finishes it by singing....."Talking in my sleep about Grandma Burrey." It's pretty special.

Here's  the bedding I ordered Olive too.

I'm painting the walls a pale grey. Almost silver like. Then picking an accent color (either Teal or Pink) and adding sheets in that color, curtains and stripes on the wall. I'm excited.
 I think she'll love it!

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