Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall's Arrival

Fall is here now and the weather has been really beautiful. Warm days, cool nights. It was another busy week here complete with 2 soccer games since we'd gotten rained out last Saturday morning.
This was from Thursday nights game.
Saturday morning. Dane was a real go- getter during this game.
He even scored a goal!

 After the game we headed to Wenger's Produce for our annual Pumpkin picking and this time my sister and her family joined us.
 Obi's first pumpkin picking trip.   He was pretty lazy and just hung around ;)
 Making friends. Dane & T.
We got a whole mess of pumpkins. Each choosing one that we like the best.  I'll try to get a pick of the kids with them soon and again when it's carving time.  
Also, Planning family pics for next weekend. Trying to assemble every one's wardrobe to coordinate and show some personality isn't as easy as it seems.  Fingers crossed for lovely weather and happy healthy children at the time of the shoot.
Map My Run/ Merrell Challenge Update:
I added 12.8 miles this week making the total ran so far this month 45.72
I've burnt 5,731 calories and ran 9 hours 15 minutes 
I have 12 runs left and 19 days left to do it in.

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