Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Map My Run/ Merrell Challenge

I started running 6 months ago really only to aid in my weight loss journey. It worked. But then something else happened. I liked it! I've never enjoyed running before. Sure, I played soccer but running was just something I did on the field and I ran track but short distance and I didn't really love it. I suppose as younger adult it just seemed cumbersome. Why would I run? On the soccer field it was to win, to attack an opponent and stop them from scoring.
As an adult it's become therapeutic. It feels good to run. Stretch my legs and clear my mind.  Several month into my running journey I started to use the MAP MY RUN app for my phone and earlier this month this ad popped up. The Merrell Feel Your Run Challenge. Sure, Why not.
Here's why not. I'd only actually been running 3x a week max. This will require me to run 5 days per week. I work full time and have 2 small children. My time is limited. I informed my husband and he agreed to help.
The challenge is 1/2 over. I've enjoyed this challenge but part of me is relieved it's almost over. There is another part that is wondering what's next.
I started this challenge on Sept 4th and I just completed Run 15.
 I have 15 runs left and 25 days left to complete the challenge.
Some fun stats for the month.
 Miles completed- 37.38
Hours Ran- 7.55
Calories Burnt- 5,114 (why am I not skinnier?)

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