Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally, It's here!

For those of you who read this blog on the regular, you know I received this old channel back chair back in July.

Then you'll also know that not soon after I fell in love with this Robert Allen for Dwell Studio print called Gate.

The fabric was not available to the general public till today......I've been checking almost daily since July!!! It's now up for sale on the Dwell Studio website and it's actually affordable! I want it SO BAD! Why'd it have to wait till now to come up for sale, when my husband is jobless and I'm such a tightwad or let's use the word frugal, that sounds better.

I had it in the shopping cart and everything but stopped myself or rather Brad guilted me alittle, but he's probably right.

But while I'm still dreaming...... I really like this fabric too and had a yard of it in the cart so I could make a couple throw pillows for the couch and or chair.

Well, enough of that. Gotta put it behind me for now. We're in self preservation mode around here till spring and the money starts rolling back in. OR I just had a brillant idea, Maybe my work Christmas bonus!?!

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