Saturday, January 15, 2011


Cookies and Milk anyone? Mmmmm. Yum, Yum, Yum

My house needs to be quarantined. I think we're gonna hit it up with a bunch of Clorox wipes tomorrow. Brad started it with a fever, body aches/chills and a minor cough. Just has he got better he passed it on to Dane and I. It's awful. Dane and I had fevers yesterday. The worse is the cough! My whole body hurts. My chest and back hurt, it hurts to breath and my throat is so sore! I just want to drug myself with Nyquil or use a real cough drop or take anything but Tylenol to help me. I think we're coming out of it though, Dane is already better. He's hardly coughing at all. I might take alittle longer to recover, my immune system is busy and focused on building a baby and totally abandoned me.

~An unexpected unpleasant effect to being pregant and sick at the same time...... coughing so hard in the morning that it causes you to puke and pee alittle at the same time. True story :(

Prayers welcome.

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