Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Preparing

Added in the rocker/glider.
Had to steal it from Dane's room, it had been there since he was born (sob, sob). I figured he wouldn't be so happy about it and I was right! He was down right pissed! I have plans to replace that chair with a chair of his very own. I just haven't found the right one.....or actually I have. It was this one from Target and we'd found it in the Polaris store on Clearance for $105! We didn't buy it, Brad didn't feel like spending any money that day and I'm bitter about it :( A few days later he changed his mind, and now we can't find it on clearance in any other store. I don't feel it's worth the $149 price tag, but $105 was a good deal. Grrrr.

Dane has adjusted to having the chair gone now and understands why I'm going to need it there instead. While I was explaining why I was going to need it he replies......"So I can sit here and rock my baby sister when she cries in the middle of the night, right?"

Awww. How cute is that?

* almost 32 weeks. Yippee!! Only 8 weeks to go. Heartburn crazy here. It doesn't go away and Tums won't touch it anymore. I'm going to have to ask the Dr. about a prescription at my next visit. Never really had that issue with Dane as much. Something else new, I can't hardly bend as well. No way will I be able to comfortably paint my toe nails now, I was able to do that just fine days prior to having Dane. I think this baby girl must sit so much lower or something. I'm either going to have to have a pedicure or ask my momma to do it for me.

I can't go into the hospital without some cute toes!

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  1. I've never been able to bend over while pregnant either...in fact, I already can't this time around.