Wednesday, March 2, 2011

He's Cute, I Think I'll Keep Him

Taking full advantage of Dane asking me to take his picture (that's rare). Getting him to not make a super crazy face is nearly impossible but I managed to snap a few.

I'm so happy it's almost Spring and I can count on some good natural light coming in, I'm sick of the "flash" look. I should have purchased a flash diffuser when I looked at it last year. Oh, Well. He's cute anyway :)

Dane took this picture of his trash truck.
I was pretty impressed, it's in focus and everything.

*I had to start using the Neti-Pot again. Not sure if if I'm trying to get sick again which wouldn't surprise me after the germy plane ride, the L, the bus and the thousands of people I came in contact with in Chicago or maybe it's just sinus junk. Regardless, I can't breath well at night, and I'm snoring. Poor Brad slept on the couch last night :( Poor me has been sick about every 2 weeks for the last couple months! ENOUGH ALREADY!

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