Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Olive @ 15mths

Oh, What a doll! She steals my heart. She's all sorts of sweet. Cuddly and kissable with a touch of attitude and I just LOVE her!

Olive had her 15 month well baby. Alittle late really, she's almost 16 months now. Anyway she was 32" inches tall putting her in the 80th % for her age and only 20.6lbs which puts her in the 10th % for her age. Geez. Here we go again with the long and lean story. I swear I feed my children! All day they eat and eat. Not much else I can do. They are happy, healthy extremely active children and just fine. I will not be sending them in for blood work or testing. That's crazy. 

I just keep remembering what our favorite Dr. told us years ago about Dane (p.s. he moved outta state and we had to switch. Boo :( Side note, he was pretty handsome too) Anyway, He said and I quote "I have NO reason to be worried about his weight or pay any attention to percentiles. Clearly the nutrients his body takes in go towards making him tall and not towards weight."

  HELLO. Thank you. Miss you Dr. Johnson!! 

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